Couples who meet HERE stay together longer


About Tinder, in a club or through friends – there are many ways to find a partner. Those who find their love on THIS particular path have, according to a new study, the best chances for a long common future …

In times of Tinder, Bumble & Co. we are really spoiled in terms of dating. Simply app on app and get to know cute boys from the couch. It has never been so easy to get a quick sex. So the cliche. Find the true love on dating apps? It's more of a rarity, but the absolute jackpot, if it happens. At least according to a study …

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  • The result of the study

    Researchers at the Cornell University have looked more closely at the dating behavior of the platform since 1995 and found that couples who get to know each other online have a much lower separation rate than couples who, for example, share a common circle of friends Find.

    That is the reason

    Why is that? The researchers are not sure yet. An explanatory approach would be to deliberately "choose" one's partner, thus making it clear right from the start that one shares similar interests. In addition, relationships that began online are usually coupled with long conversations or chat histories. And they are known to be near. Interesting, right?

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