Curiosities of the announcement of the Christmas Lotera 2019


He Christmas Lottery announcement This year has made a difference by being composed of four spots.

'United for a tenth'is the title of the four different and "real" stories, emotional and humorous, that this year will spread the Extraordinary Draw of the Christmas Lottery on December 22, and that has developed the agency Contrapunto BBDO, for the second consecutive year. This has been revealed by President of the State Lotteries and State Betting Society (SELAE), Jesus Huerta Almendro, during the presentation of the 2019 draw and its traditional advertising campaign that has taken place at the Casa de la Moneda Museum, in Madrid. The event has been attended by the Creative General Director of the Contrapunto BBDO agency, Carlos Jorge, and Gonzalo Urriza, creative director of the campaign.

Four spots

This year, the communication of the Christmas Lottery leaves the short film format of other campaigns to structure it in four different spots, 60 and 90 seconds long, which will be discovered on television week by week, although they will be integrated into a final trailer.

Christmas Lottery announcement protagonists

Pilar and Felix, Ramon and Jose, Emilio and Gloria, Carmen and Victor they are the four couples protagonists of the advertisements produced to be broadcast on television, and that are interpreted by actors of great trajectory in cinema, theater and television. This is Ramon Barea, Lorena Lopez Borial, Maria Morales, Juan Manuel Lara, Barbara Santacruz, Edgar Costas, Mauro Muniz, Natalia Hernandez and Diego Olivares, who give life to the characters in the stories that speak of "gratitude, hope, affection , solidarity and generosity, "according to Huerta.


Pilar and Felix, a daughter-in-law and her father-in-law who will spend this Christmas apart because she and her husband have divorced this year; Emilio and Gloria, a father who seems to resist giving up his daughter at the head of the company he founded 40 years ago; Ramon and Jose, the father and the boyfriend of the young Sofia who are beginning to be part of the same family; Y Carmen and Victor, a woman who is admitted this Christmas and who receives all the affection and support of the toilet in the hospital are the four situations in which viewers can be identified.

Campaign Details

The campaign, which has been produced by Pueblo Films and has had a budget of 800,000 euros -the same as the previous year-, will be broadcast for five weeks on all media: television, cinema, online, press, exterior and radio. The stories, which could happen to anyone, will be displayed in different creatives in Spanish, Catalan, Basque and Galician.

In the presentation, the president of the State Lottery and State Betting Society has explained that in In recent years the campaign's motto has been 'The biggest prize is to share it', but this year they wanted to highlight that "each and every one" of those who participate in the raffle have the common experience of sharing the tenth. Hence, that has been chosen for 'United for a tenth'this 2019.

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