Emma Colonel shows how many men have wanted to see her


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  • Emma Colonel, wife of Chapo, revealed her ‘pranks from the bed
  • The sculptural woman showed how many have always wanted to see her
  • El Chapo's wife showed his most forbidden side

Irresistible the wife of Chapo! C From the privacy of his bed, the wife of Mexican drug trafficker Joaquin Guzman, Emma Coronel, has devised a mischief that has caused a furor on social networks.

On this occasion, the beauty exreina was shown in the comfort of her room in a very suggestive photograph, which has unleashed a series of reactions from the male audience by the daring position in which she poses.

The photograph was published in the alleged Instagram account of the sculptural woman, according to information published from the Narco Blog page.

In this image, he presumes the size of his “peach”, which has given much to talk about among users because of its revealing appearance.

Emma Colonel wife of Chapo "width =" 570 "height =" 622 "src =" https://res.cloudinary.com/mundo/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto/v1573690844/Emma-Coronel-presume-el-_pequen % CC% 83o_-taman% CC% 83o-de-su-_Duraznito_-con-prohibida-foto-en-su-cama_oyzm5e.jpg
PHOTO: Instagram @therealemmacoronel

Emma Coronel was one of the women who grabbed the most attention during the hearings that were held against the Mexican drug dealer on American soil, where he was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for several crimes related to organized crime.

The Narco Blog page refers to the fact that Chapo's wife has always been in the middle of the controversy over the publication of daring photographs.

In this case, mention is made that it was possibly unaffected by the legal situation that the former leader of the Sinaloa Cartel went through.

In the controversial photograph you can see the wife of the Mexican drug trafficker wearing leggings of the Calvin Klein brand in black, which make her wear a spectacular figure that has left all her followers speechless.

The comments of Emma Coronel's fans were not allowed to wait and on the Narco Blog page, it was indicated that most highlighted her beauty and commented that she does not need to undress to get people's attention.

In the image you can see the large size of her “peach”, lying on the bed, with a long-sleeved blouse and making a sign of love and peace, hiding her face.

The pose of the wife of Chapo Guzman has caused his fans to surrender to his feet, since he looks very comfortable, lying in the privacy of his room, and on white sheets.

But there was a detail that caught the attention of Emma Coronel's followers too much, since according to the Narco Blog, she shared a page in which photographs of women that men consider very physically graceful are posted.

The sculptural Emma Coronel has become very popular because it is linked to the Mexican capo, but it has increased the number of her followers due to the burning photographs that she uploads to her different social networks, in which she has a large number of fans, who They applaud practically everything you do in your life and what goes up to the Internet.

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