Family deported from Turkey ends up in Berlin


Turkey has deported a German-Iraqi family to Germany. The Hildesheimers are attributed to the Salafist milieu, after their arrival they should be questioned.

After her deportation from Turkey, a seven-member German-Iraqi family arrived in Berlin. She landed late Thursday at Tegel Airport, as the German press agency learned from security circles. Dpa reporters saw several passengers, including a woman with a baby in her arms, being driven directly into the police van from the runway.

The family B. from Hildesheim is attributed to the Salafist milieu. The Turkish Ministry of the Interior described them as "foreign terrorist fighters". Arrest warrants for Islamist activities are not available against family members in Germany. However, the father may well face prosecution for a crime that has nothing to do with Islamism.

Family should be interviewed

After landing, the family was told by security officials to meet and interview representatives of several authorities. How it goes on after that was initially open. The Federal Police wanted to carry out immigration checks and check whether the family has valid papers.

The family is originally from Iraq. According to German authorities, all family members have German citizenship except for the father. There are four women, two men and a baby. At the end of January, they traveled to Turkey and after two months were arrested in the city of Samsun. In Turkish deportation one of the children was born. The reason for the detention was not shared by the Turkish authorities.

British deported to London at the same time

Turkey had announced the deportation of several German alleged supporters of the terrorist militia "Islamic State" (IS) this week. However, nothing is known about a possible stay of the B. family in the formerly IS-controlled area in Iraq or Syria.

According to the Turkish Ministry of Interior, a Briton was also expelled to London. Scotland Yard said in the evening that a 26-year-old man had been arrested for alleged terrorism at London Heathrow Airport. Entered the man from Turkey. The arrest has Syria relation, it was said.

More returnees expected

On Friday two wives of IS fighters are expected in Germany. According to dpa information, this is a woman born in 1998 who managed to escape from the Kurdish prisoner camp Al-Hol in Syria. She was sitting last in the Turkish city of Gaziantep in deportation custody. According to planning so far, a native Hanoverian will be put on the plane on Friday, who after a mass exodus from the Syrian camp Ain Issa managed to set off for Turkey.

Ankara is also preparing to deport an American alleged IS supporter to the United States. Actually, he should be deported at his own request to Greece as a third country, but was not accepted there, said the Turkish Interior Ministry. The US had now promised to issue travel documents. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan met with US President Donald Trump in Washington on Wednesday.

Turkey: So far 287 IS supporters arrested

Turkey invaded northern Syria on 9 October and is there against the Kurdish militia YPG, which regards it as a terrorist organization. According to official figures, 287 IS supporters were arrested, including women and children. According to Erdogan, more than 1,000 ISIS supporters are in Turkish prisons, including 737 foreign nationals.

The Turkish side had also expressed an interest this week in a swift deportation of two German converts who should have joined the IS. A specific date for the return of the two women, a girl from Hamburg with two children and a woman with three children from Rhineland-Palatinate, there is, according to dpa information so far not.

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