Football OL – OL: Lyon avoided a tragedy by using its official bus – Olympique Lyonnais


At the end of the match against Marseille Sunday, Jean-Michel Aulas regretted the context of this trip to the city Marseille. In particular deploring the stoning of the Gones bus …

A bus "Broken on command In the words of the president of Olympique Lyonnais on Canal Plus, less than twenty minutes after the end of Olympico. A stall that, according to some experts, could have been avoided if the OL had followed the advice of the security services, using a banal bus. But within the club, it is specified in L'Equipe that it is precisely for security reasons that the official coach of the OL, equipped with triple glazing, had been used.

"Between an unmarked car and the official one used by Olympique de Marseille, it would not have been very difficult for racers to identify the one used by our team. It would not have changed anything and it is a false debate. The impact was close to where Anthony Lopes was sitting, and with another because the projectile would probably have reached him. " indicates this member of the OL, specifying that two layers of glass yielded to the impact of the projectiles. Suffice to say that with a banal bus, which are mostly equipped with double glazing and not triple glazing like that of Olympique Lyonnais, there might have been a tragedy a few meters from Orange Velodrome Sunday evening, before the summit of the 13th day of L1.

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