FOREIGNER, SKID ROW, FM or AT THE GATES among the new Rock the Night confirmations


FOREIGNER, SKID ROW, FM and AT THE GATES among the bands that join AVANTASIA, DORO, Mercyful Fate or DEVIN TOWNSEND on the Rock the Night Festival 2020 poster

Rock The Night Festival 2020 continues to complete its poster with a new batch of high-level bands that complement those already announced previously. Between the bands we have FOREIGNER, LEPROUS, AT THE GATES, SKID ROW, BEAST IN BLACK, MGLA, F.M and more that are detailed below.

We remember that Rock the night It is the new rock festival to be held on June 25, 26 and 27, 2020 in Rivas de Vaciamadrid (Madrid).

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Bands confirmed for the ROCK THE NIGHT 2020 Festival in Madrid

At the moment this is the list with all the bands confirmed so far:

Recently confirmed bands:

FOREIGNER – Exclusive show in Spain

Rock with more class and style comes to ROCK THE NIGHT with FOREIGNER on an exclusive date in Spain. Americans have sold more than 80 million records worldwide during their career plagued with success. "Waiting for a Girl Like You", "Cold As Ice" or the essential "I Want to Know What Love Is" are just some of his most successful songs. FOREIGNER He will lead the Madrid night this June and will revive the golden age of Rock.


In 1986 they break into the New Jersey scene SKID ROW. With the Metal / Rock attitude of the time but always demonstrating an unusual compositional quality thanks to its founders Rachel Bolan Y Snake Sabo, his self-titled album was an instant hit. Singles like "18 and Life," "I Remember You" or "Youth Gone Wild" have broken through gender and time barriers, sounding timeless and magnificent today.


LEPROUS They have never been conventional and with “Pitfalls” it is clear as water. The Norwegians have launched their sixth studio album this year, and each of them has been a firm step towards cementing a career based on hard work and dedication. With some sweeping direct living up to expectations, LEPROUS He has left the world speechless after each launch, clearly showing that the personal and intimate evolution of musicians directly affects his compositions.

AT THE GATES “Slaughter of the Soul Show”

"Slaughter of the Soul" by AT THE GATES It is, with little possible discussion, the Rosetta stone of Swedish Melodic Death Metal. In the mid-nineties, the GOteborg people signed a record that laid the foundations for a style that would grow to become an entity with its own life, which lasts until today. And it will be in ROCK THE NIGHT where AT THE GATES Make a show dedicated exclusively to "Slaughter of the Soul" in full. "Blinded by Fear", "Cold" or "Under a Serpent Sun" will sound brutal in Rivas de Vaciamadrid this June, will you miss it?


BEAST IN BLACK, the Finnish beast, returns with "From Hell With Love", his recent new album. And they will present it in style ROCK THE NIGHT. Rock and Heavy are in luck thanks to Anton Kabanen and yours. With real pride BEAST IN BLACK proves that the most authentic Heavy Metal is still alive in "Berserker". The public was quick to respond massively to the revival of style with the Finnish beast.


They arrive from Poland MGLA to ROCK THE NIGHT. MGLA They are synonymous with Black Metal in its purest form, without ornaments or concessions. After his successful tour presenting his fourth full-length "Age of Excuse", MGLA It will obscure the Madrid summer with its intense and heartbreaking proposal. The crudeness of black metal acid from MGLA together with their impeccable direct has won a legion of faithful followers who will raise their voice in ROCK THE NIGHT when the Poles go on stage. You will be there?


The British FM will act on ROCK THE NIGHT. Formed in 1984, they were always one of the most prestigious rock bands of the 80s in the United Kingdom. With "Indiscreet", "Tough It Out" or "Aphrodisiac" they positioned themselves on the international scene, although the band decided to take a break a few years later. In 2007 they return to the stage, editing their latest studio album to date in 2018, "Atomic Generation", which includes trallazos such as "Black Magic" or "Killed By Love". Great addition to ROCK THE NIGHT where all attendees can enjoy the elegant Rock of a magnificent band as it is FM.


THE VINTAGE CARAVAN, the feel of Classic Rock with a touch of Iceland blues, will be in ROCK THE NIGHT. If you have not heard his album "Gateways", with beautiful songs such as the incomparable "On The Run" or "Set Your Sights", you can not imagine what you are missing. Perhaps it is the weather, which keeps them locked up rehearsing many hours, which has made this very young trio one of the most groundbreaking formations of recent years.


TYGERS OF PAN TANG they will reach ROCK THE NIGHT presenting his next album "Ritual". After the success reaped by its homonymous disc, not only by the critic, but by the warm response of the fans, the band is stronger than ever. His music, which has always reflected the vision of Tyger Robb Weir on the NWOBHM, it has managed to sound exactly as I intended in this "Ritual".


DYSCARNATE It's Death Metal without compromise. Direct to the jugular, neck breaker and no time to breathe. And that is exactly what you can expect from the British DYSCARNATE in Madrid ROCK THE NIGHT. "With All Their Might" is his latest album, which includes trallazos like "Of Mice And Mountains" and "This Is Fire!".


STONE BROKEN They will be in ROCK THE NIGHT. The British band, which is currently immersed in the preparation of what will be their third album, has already fallen in love with a large number of followers. They debuted with “All In Time”, which was followed this year by the great “Ain’t Always Easy”, with rock songs like their single “Heartbeat Away”. Without a doubt, a great opportunity to meet you at ROCK THE NIGHT.


Industrial and Electronic Metal reaches ROCK THE NIGHT with the powerful MIND DRILLER. With their works "Industrial Network" of 2012 and the subsequent "Zirkus" they toured all of Spain and southern France demonstrating that the energy of their albums is nothing compared to the brutality of their direct. This same 2019 MIND DRILLER He has presented us with the expected “Involution”. And we are looking forward to seeing you in ROCK THE NIGHT, where without a doubt, they will sweep live.


ETERNAL STORM they will bring their personal melodic extreme metal to ROCK THE NIGHT Festival inspired by bands like OPETH, INSOMNIUM, AMORPHIS or DARK TRANQUILLITY. The Madrid quartet has recently released their first album "Come the Tide" with the Hindu label Transcending Obscurity Records, which has enjoyed excellent international recognition, even becoming the album of the month in prestigious media such as Angry Metal Guy or Heavy Blog is Heavy.


Madrilenos EON they will bring their blunt metal to ROCK THE NIGHT. His latest album, "Medula", has earned a deserved reputation for this young group. And they don't stop there, EON They are already immersed in the preparation of their second album, whose departure is scheduled for next spring 2020, and that will arrive in time to be enjoyed live on ROCK THE NIGHT.

Bands previously confirmed:

  • AVANTASIA celebrates its 20 years in a special and exclusive show that will take place in ROCK THE NIGHT. The creation of Tobias Sammet He has been bringing together the greatest rock and metal performers for 20 years, not only in exceptional studio releases, but also in his glorious live shows.
  • Foreigner will lead the Madrid night this June and will revive the golden age of Rock.
  • MERCYFUL FATE they are back and they do it exclusively in ROCK THE NIGHT in this next 2020. Since 1999 there has been no live show of the legendary band of King diamond.
  • DEVIN TOWNSEND It remains a constant over the years. ROCK THE NIGHT You cannot miss your appointment with one of our great fetish musicians, who will perform exclusively at the Madrid festival.
  • The queen of metal arrives at ROCK THE NIGHT in exclusive. Fireproof DORO He clings tightly to his coveted throne thanks to his passion for heavy music.
  • The experimental folk of HEILUNG will overwhelm the hearts of those attending ROCK THE NIGHT in an exclusive show in 2020.
  • The grindcore pioneers NAPALM DEATH They will be in ROCK THE NIGHT 2020.
  • LOUDNESS will be exclusively in ROCK THE NIGHT. The first Japanese heavy metal band that could have wide diffusion outside their native Japan would release "Thunder In The East."
  • The heavy metal of CIRITH UNGOL will ring in ROCK THE NIGHT in this first edition and in a unique performance in Spain in 2020.
  • Nergal He is a restless artist, and as such, he could not stay alone with Behemoth. ME AND THAT MAN, his most intimate, personal and extraordinary project will offer a show of those that you simply cannot miss.
  • WORMED they bring extreme and technical death metal to ROCK THE NIGHT.
  • LÈPOKA will present Bibere Vivere in ROCK THE NIGHT. Folkoholic Metal from Castellon de la Plana and direct to Rivas Vaciamadrid.
  • 91 SUITE they bring their melodic hard rock / aor to ROCK THE NIGHT. This young band arrives from Murcia, although they have a great and successful career behind them.

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