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Germany: truck driver posts photo and cooks with anger – "you play with your life!"

Things can not be done without them: truck drivers transport food from abroad to Germany, among other things. (Icon)
Things can not be done without them: truck drivers transport food from abroad to Germany, among other things. (Icon)
Photo: imago images / Roland Muhlanger

A total of 3275 cyclists are in traffic accidents in the past year Germany died. There were 88,850 accidents involving cyclists altogether. One reads above all again and again that trucks are involved. The blind spot, tiredness and lack of lighting are usually the cause. In Germany one usually blames the truck drivers. Now a driver defends himself …

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Germany: User posts harsh text on Facebook

With his story he would like to warn cyclists, hopes that finally something changes. Ali P. is truck driver and daily on roads in Germany on road. He writes on his Facebook page: "My vehicle and trailer is illuminated all around, equipped with many exterior mirrors to illuminate the blind spot. And brand new: with great brakes. I just passed the eye and fitness test for another five years with 100 percent driving license. "


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He does a lot to avoid being a danger on the road. He is all the more angry about the negligence of the cyclists: "But, if you drive without illumination and in modern shades of gray through the area, then you will certainly see great. And you look great too, but I do NOT see you! "

He experiences bad scenes regularly. Ali is still shocked by an incident. A girl is cycling in the dark without light. She has right of way. But Ali does not see her. "Your life was hanging by a thread," he admonishes her publicly. Before it escalates, the truck driver can brake. The thanks: a stinky finger! Ali is completely exhausted: "I am sitting here now, shivering a bit. Think about when the next truck driver will hear a crunch under the wheel and give life to it. I pray that it is not me. "

Then he can not anymore. Must let his frustration run wild. "Cyclist, take care of lighting. We motorists do it too! You play with your life and our soul! ", Ali writes in capital letters.

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On Facebook, users celebrate it – 21,000 likes, 4600 comments. It is getting more and more.

Here is a selection:

  • "Is really a disaster, as some cyclists behave …"
  • "Finally a truck driver who has the courage to address this. Thanks, Ali! "
  • "My driving instructor told me 40 years ago: Always count on the mistakes of others!" And that applies to ALL pages. "
  • "Cyclists without light will definitely have an organ donation pass. Otherwise they would drive with light !!! "
  • "He is right. Most cyclists cucumber with junk and get riotous when you bark at them, because they drive because of lack of lighting even on sidewalks. "

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Whether that will fruit in the irresponsible cyclists? It stays too open, so that does not end a life due to lack of lighting.

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