Gigafactory near Berlin: Minister considers Tesla's schedule ambitious


The schedule for the planned factory of the US electric car manufacturer Tesla near Berlin is ambitious in the opinion of Brandenburg Minister of Economic Affairs JOrg Steinbach. "I honestly see no risks in the absolute implementation," said the SPD politician of the dpa. The question is whether the timeline Tesla has set itself will carry one hundred percent. Tesla must submit the documents "so complete and high quality that even the fastest possible examination is given."

Tesla boss Elon Musk had announced the project surprisingly on Tuesday evening. The production facility named Gigafactory is to be built in Grunheide on an industrial area near the Autobahn 10. For the decision to take Germany as a location, apparently also the endeavor of Britain played a role to leave the EU. Musk said, according to the British magazine Car expressThe Brexit imponderables made the UK too risky as a location.

Tesla plans, according to Steinbach, that construction will begin in the first quarter of 2020, with production scheduled to start in 2021. It will probably be some time before the EU subsidies planned by Brandenburg are approved. "By usual procedures, we go from one and a half to two years," said Steinbach: "This is not money, with which we have waved and what has influenced the decision."

Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier (CDU) said the Passauer New PressIt was important for Tesla that the factory could be set up quickly and be able to work. Tesla did not apply for specific financial support, for example in the field of battery cell production. The billion-dollar subsidy for the development and production of batteries in Europe will not be renounced because of the Tesla settlement, emphasized Altmaier. In Germany and the European countries there are about 40 companies that participated in it: "Of course, these European funding programs will be realized as planned, because we need our own know-how for innovative and environmentally friendly batteries."

The Roadster was Tesla's first production car, the new model should come in 2020 on the market.

(Photo: Tesla)

According to information from Berlin and Brandenburg, the factory could bring up to 8,000 jobs. An engineering and design center in Berlin is also planned. Location and number of new jobs there are still unclear. Important is the fundamental decision for the production and innovation location Berlin-Brandenburg, said Muller on the sidelines of the Berlin fairytale days in the Red City Hall. Now Berlin and Brandenburg would negotiate many details with Tesla.


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