Hairdressing salon attacked in Dresden: pistol man manages to escape from police on bicycle


Dresden – Yesterday evening a hairdressing salon was attacked shortly before closing time in Dresden's Johannstadt (TAG24 reported). The police immediately started a search for the perpetrator, but so far was unsuccessful.
This hair salon was raided Wednesday night around 7:45 pm.

This hair salon was raided Wednesday night around 7:45 pm.

As the police announced on TAG24 demand, asked the previously unknown man the employee of a hairdressing salon on the Pfotenhauerstrabe with a gun to give him the money from the cash register.

The clerk followed suit and put cash in the three-digit range in the crook's pocket. Following the robber left the shop and took on a bicycle escape in an unknown direction.

With a large contingent, the police had launched a search late in the evening – unsuccessful. "We were looking with horse and dog on the ground, the helicopter has supported from above," said a police spokesman on Thursday morning.

The search was discontinued late in the evening.

Nobody was injured in the robbery. The police investigation continues.

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