Hamilton predicts movement in the pilot market by 2021


He believes that many pilots have already started negotiating with other teams

Brawn thinks that one of the protagonists of the silly season 2020 will be Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton believes that next season there will be great movements in the pilot market by 2021. The Briton believes that many of his teammates have already begun to negotiate with other teams and Ross Brawn thinks that hexacampeon himself can change teams.

The Mercedes rider expects a lot of movement in the pilot market next season, although he believes the team hierarchy will remain unchanged, with Ferrari as the closest rival of the silver arrows.

"In this next year we will see pilots change, a lot of things happen behind the scenes, each pilot talks to certain teams, "Hamilton said at a Petronas event, according to Reuters news agency.

In the middle of all these movements of pilots, one of the protagonists of some signing can be Hamilton, according to the sports director of Formula 1, Ross Brawn, who insists that the hexacampeon is insatiable.

"Lewis may decide that he wants a new challenge, he could go to another team and help them succeed. How many titles are enough? "Asks Brawn in words for the British newspaper Daily Mail.

Hamilton has also opined on future candidates for the title, which he believes will be Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen, although he also hopes to be in battle.

"I think they both have aggressive driving styles, which is great. Who will win, I hope I'm still there to stop them. I think Ferrari has better options to provide a car that can fight for the World Cup in the short term," Hamilton has said.

The Mercedes driver wants the new era to come and predicts that it may be one of the best times of Formula 1. "If the 2021 car does what I have seen on paper, I think we will see, perhaps, the best era of the races we have seen in a long time and I want to be part of it, "he has advanced.

Finally, Lewis does not see the need to build a new circuit in Rio de Janeiro to replace the Interlagos circuit. "I am a bit of the old school, I love the Interlagos circuit. A new circuit requires a lot of money. We already have a historical track here, we do not need to cut more trees or do more damage," he said.

"The money could be used in better causes, to the infrastructure of the cities, for example, since there is still a lot of poverty. If it were my money, I would use it for a better cause. Education is key, for example," he said. to end.

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