Handball Champions League: THW Kiel beats FC Porto


59 minutes and 56 seconds waited the German handball Bundesliga club THW Kiel in the Champions League at FC Porto on a leadership until the Norwegian Vice World Champion Harald Reinkind threw the Kiel four seconds before the end to victory. The German record champion won 30:29 (14:16) against the Portuguese – and remains with 13 points leader of Group B.

It was already the second thriller in just four days between the two teams, with the opposite result: Last Sunday, Porto had scored the winning goal to 28:27 in Kiel with the last attack.

That the team of coach Filip Jicha had the happier end this time, was next to Reinkind and the most successful pitcher of the Kiel, world champion Magnus Landin, especially at Porto. Towards the end of the game, the errors piled up with the hosts, suddenly came back to Kiel. It led the Portuguese champions to 20 minutes from the end with four goals, goalkeeper Alfredo Quintana had the North Germans despair with an outstanding 15 parades.

With a 3: 0 run in the last two and a half minutes Kiel turned the game. Landin scored nine goals, Reinkind scored his eighth with the winning goal. As a possible group winner of the THW could skip the round of 16 and would then only a round from the Final Four in Cologne away. The final tournament will take place at the end of May 2020.

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