"Hard answer to the left". The "counter-movement" of Berlusconi


Silvio Berlusconi on the front line for Venice. During a press conference at the Chamber to present the Forza Italia counter-maneuver, the Cavaliere wanted to emphasize his closeness to the Venetian capital which is currently struggling with bad weather and the damage caused by high water: "It is a really big disaster damages are high. We have asked the European Parliament with a question to allow Venice to access the funds for natural disasters. Then the blue leader also spoke of the Mose, returned to the center of the political debate: "We must urge to give the ministries that deal with it the final blow to the Mose. With the Mose in operation this would not have happened".

"Maneuver with DNA on the left"

At this point the Knight begins to "demolish" the maneuver that is about to launch the Giallorossi government. The former prime minister does not use words: "It is a maneuver of the most left-wing government in the history of the Republic. We want to oppose fiscal oppression. Our maneuver is the one contained in the FI program and is that of the liberal equation of development and well-being". In fact, the executive is preparing to launch a real fiscal" blow "that will leave little room for Italian purchasing power:"This is the most left-wing government maneuver in the history of the republic, which reinforces everything we oppose, starting with taxes on families, businesses and jobs. With our counter-movement there would be less bureaucracy, less taxes and the flat tax – he added -. Taxes, public spending and handcuffs, instead, are in the DNA of the government of the four lefts".

The blue anti-tax recipe

And in fact with all the microtaxes that are about to fall on the pockets of the Italians, the maneuver has a huge tax burden on its stomach. And so the leader of Forza Italia proposes his recipe for restarting consumption and triggering growth: "It would take little to really break down the tax wedge, instead they only put two billion. We reiterate our no to assets – the former premier added -, while we want to introduce the so-called family quotient". The Cav suggests a bonus for each sheet of 150 euros per month up to the age of 21. But the Cav goes further and proposes to establish in the Constitution the ceiling for taxes:"We have an enemy state of citizens with regard to taxes. For this we will return to collect signatures in gazebos throughout Italy, to introduce a tax limit in the Constitution. The only thing that made the spending review was to cut Cottarelli's salary because they left it at home".

The blue "battle"

At this point the former prime minister promises a battle without quarter on the maneuver. In fact, in Parliament it will be Vietnam to foil the assault on the pockets of the tax payers: "We will be very tough on the maneuver in Parliament in response to the provocations of the left and we will also go directly to talk to the people". One of the fiscal bombs to defuse is the plastic tax and the blue leader is already thinking of a solution: "The only hope that eliminates the Plastic tax is given by the fact that companies are in Emilia Romagna, therefore for an immediate interest". In short, the Italian offensive started. Finally the Knight also talks about the upcoming electoral events like the Regionals in Campania: "Carfagna? We discussed together, we discussed about an ideal candidate, imagine what it is … but since he does not intend to run, our name is that of Stefano Caldoro. I think that Saturday and Sunday we will meet to formalize. We are the ones who must indicate the name and our name is Stefano Caldoro".

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