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Employment agency suspends Hartz IV sanctions against under-25s

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Karlsruhe limits Hartz IV cuts

The Federal Constitutional Court has decided on sanctions against Hartz IV recipients. Reductions of Hartz IV benefits for breaches of duty are therefore partially unconstitutional.

The cuts in Hartz IV benefits for breaches of duty are partially unconstitutional, the Federal Constitutional Court had ruled. Now it became known that the Federal Employment Agency under 25 years basically not sanctioned.

NAccording to the Hartz IV judgment of the Federal Constitutional Court, the Federal Employment Agency has also suspended sanctions against those under the age of 25. "We send currently no sanction notices," said employment agency boss Detlef Scheele the newspapers of the spark media group from Thursday. The job centers were informed that the change of sanction practice called for by the court also applied to young unemployed people.

The Federal Constitutional Court had severely limited its previous sanction practice in its dealings with Hartz IV recipients in its judgment in early November. Accordingly, in the event of breaches of duty, the benefits may be reduced by no more than 30 percent – so far, possible reductions of 60 percent or even the complete loss of benefits are incompatible with the Basic Law. The verdict only referred to Hartz IV recipients over 25 years.

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Scheele told the spark newspapers that new sanctions notifications are currently not being sent. "Unemployed, who are currently sanctioned with deductions of 60 or 100 percent, get their sanctions reduced to 30 percent." By the end of November, a legally binding transitional solution should be created, which applies to the next year, aimed at new legislation.

Children's Fund calls for abolition for families

The German Children's Fund demanded to completely abolish sanctions for families with children. "Federal Government and Bundestag should take the verdict of the Federal Constitutional Court last week as an opportunity to end the previous Hartz IV joint liability of children for their parents," said Federal Executive Holger Hofmann on Thursday.

"The simple implementation of the Karlsruhe ruling is too little for families with children," he said. "Children suffer from any reduction in Hartz IV benefits, because even the normal Hartz IV rule set of children is artificially small and does not meet the necessary socio-cultural subsistence level." Each cut is therefore an "extraordinary hardship for the children".

The Bundestag debates on Thursday afternoon on a joint motion by the Greens and the Left, which among other things calls for the abolition of the Hartz IV sanctions. Also advising on a model of the FDP, which aims in particular at generous income rules for Hartz IV recipients.

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