He threw a bottle with a message into the sea and received a response 9 years later


ROCKPORT, UNITED STATES.— A young man from Massachusetts received a response to a message that threw into the sea in a bottle nine years ago.

Max Vredenburgh, who sent the message at age 10, said he put the message into an empty bottle of wine and threw it on Long Beach Beach in Rockport in August 2010.

His father sent him a text message on Friday telling him that he had received a letter from someone named "G. Dubois," who said he found the bottle on a beach in southern France on October 10.

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In his letter, Vredenburgh, today 19, listed some of the things he likes most like apples, the beach and outer space. And hopeful that someone was going to find his message he wrote: "Please answer me."

The sophomore at Suffolk University posted photos of the letters on Twitter on Friday.

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