Iglesias, Calvio and Calvo are emerging as vice presidents


The future Government of Pedro Sanchez would have three Vice Presidencies: one of social issues for the leader of United We Can, Pablo Iglesias; another economic one, which the current Minister of Economy and Business would occupy, Nadia Calvino; and one of equality, which would be for the acting vice president, Carmen Calvo.

Socialist sources have explained to Efe that the structure of the new Executive with these three Vice Presidencies is a proposal of the PSOE and it is conditioned to the negotiations that in the next weeks sand keep with Unidos Podemos for the investiture of Sanchez.

The creation of a Vice Presidency with economic relevance was announced by Pedro Sanchez in the televised debate on day 4 among the five main candidates, in which he also said that his head would be the acting Minister of Economy and Business.

The Social Vice Presidency for Pablo Iglesias is part of the claims of United We can in the frustrated negotiation this summer for a coalition government.

While, Carmen Calvo would remain as vice president in the area of ​​equality, of which she is acting minister.

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