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USA – The investigation launched by the Democrats in the US Congress in the hope of deposing Donald Trump enters a new phase on Wednesday with the first public hearings of two diplomats.

Donald Trump in the hot seat? After more than a month of in camera hearings, the US Congressional investigation to dislodge the White House real estate mogul enters the thick of it. From Wednesday, November 13 begin public hearings of a dozen officials. The opportunity for LCI to portray the protagonists of an investigation considered a "witch hunt" by the entourage of the president.

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A mysterious whistleblower

It was he who, this summer, set fire to the powder: a CIA employee – whose name remains to this day still confidential – triggered the impeachment procedure by signaling to his superiors a curious telephone exchange that took place place on July 25th. That day, Donald Trump asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate his Democratic rival, Joe Biden. Who is this whistleblower? Very few details have filtered. The New York Times He understands that he has had training as an analyst, that he has been assigned to the White House and that he knows Ukrainian politics. This agent, who was not the direct witness of the telephone interview, cross-checked some of his information in the context of "regular inter-agency relations".

Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukrainian President under pressure

The Ukrainian president found himself embroiled in the scandal that shakes the US power after talking on July 25 with Donald Trump. Officially, the two leaders were content to mention during their interview "ways to strengthen relations between the United States and Ukraine," says the White House.

But most importantly, the US president asked his counterpart to "look" at the case of former Vice President Biden, which broke the scandal, and a few days after suspending hundreds of millions of dollars worth military aid to Ukraine.

Rudy Giuliani, Trump's Lawyer to Get Joe Biden Down

The former mayor of New York found himself involved as Donald Trump's personal attorney. Reason why his name was mentioned during the telephone discussion: "Rudy knows very well what is going on and he is a very talented guy (…) if you could talk to him, that would be great", recommended the Republican billionaire, according to the transcript of his telephone conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky. Why does the US president's personal attorney end up in a Ukrainian file? Because he was tasked to work with local authorities in the investigation of Joe Biden, accused of having had suspicious interests in Ukraine. Rudy Giuliani met with several Ukrainian officials. He assures, however, that he has acted in consultation with the State Department.

Adam Schiff, the investigator who accuses Trump of "haggling"

The elected 59-year-old Democrat chairs the powerful Intelligence Committee of the House of Representatives. In this capacity, he oversees the investigation into Donald Trump's actions. He issued the whistleblower's complaint and heard the director of national intelligence, Joseph Maguire, who blocked the report. For Adam Schiff, the complaint highlights the "haggling" initiated by Donald Trump: the release of military aid against cooperation Kiev in the investigation of the Biden family. He compared Donald Trump to "a mafia boss".

Nancy Pelosi, the boss of the Democrats

If the impeachment took a political turn, it is thanks to it. The Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives gave the go-ahead at the end of September for the opening of a parliamentary inquiry. Nothing was gained, since this bitter opponent of the Republican billionaire has long opposed the left wing of his party, which called for an indictment of Donald Trump. According to this fine tactician, the impeachment procedure is a risky bet for the Democrats, especially because of the timing, since the Republicans have remobilized before the presidential election.

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William Taylor, Prosecution Witness

It is with this American charge de affaires who was stationed in Kiev that the public hearings will begin before the elected representatives of the Congress. The latter already know his story, the man having surrendered before them behind closed doors in October. But his version of the facts, public, promises to be explosive: William Taylor has indeed confirmed that, according to the returns that had been made to him from a meeting held on 1 September in Warsaw, the US ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland frankly explained to the Ukrainians the terms of the market. Namely that "the money for the security help would not be released until President Zelensky would commit to launch the investigation on Burisma", the gas company which had Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden, in its board of directors.

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