Investigators unveil new conversations between suspects and Russian officials


By Le Figaro with AFP

The international team of investigators (JIT) investigating the causes of the explosion over Ukraine of the plane of flight MH17 in 2014, killing the 298 people on board, unveiled Thursday new telephone conversations between the suspects and Russian officials.

The JIT, under the leadership of the Netherlands, has in a statement issued anew call for witnessesOn the circumstances of the crash and revealed newrecorded telephone calls between the leaders (separatists) of the DNR (People's Republic of Donetsk) and Russian officials". The Boeing of Malaysia Airlines, which left Amsterdam for Kuala Lumpur in 2014, carrying 196 Dutch nationals, had been hit in the air by a missile over the area of ​​armed conflict with the pro-Russian separatists in the east. of Ukraine. "The recent analysis of witness statements and other information revealed that Russia's influence over the DNR went beyond military support," said the head of the Dutch police criminal unit, Andy Kraag.

"Indications of close ties between Russian government officials and DNR leaders raise questions about their possible involvement in the deployment of the BUK-Telar (Russian-made anti-aircraft missile system) which caused the destruction of the plane, "he added. The JIT announced in June that three Russians and one Ukrainian man will be killed for murder, which will begin in March 2020 in the Netherlands. They will probably be tried in absentia, as Russia and Ukraine do not transfer their nationals pursued abroad abroad.

JIT announced in 2018 that it had established that the MH17 aircraft had been shot down by a Soviet-designed BUK missile from the 53rd Russian anti-aircraft brigade based in Kursk, south-west Russia.

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