Jorge Cortes, the undocumented Colombian who helps entrepreneurs in the United States


While the government of that country deliberates on the future migration of undocumented youth, this businessman shows that they are a highly productive group.

Jorge Cortes arrived in his 16 years in the United States and, although his mother was a permanent resident, he was without legal status. Being undocumented put him in several stumbling blocks, but prompted him to start his own company at age 19.

This rea dreamer ’, as people who entered the United States being minors and illegally are known, helps entrepreneurs and contributes to the US economy, 18 years after their arrival.

He went to university and studied Business and International Relations, while continuing with his entrepreneurship. In 2014, when former President Barack Obama granted protection to these young people through the DACA program, much of his life changed.

Cortes created a technology business acceleration company in which, as an advisor in the development of technology ecosystems, it helps more entrepreneurs in Latin America take advantage of growth opportunities in Miami.

This Colombian, is aware of the contribution that as he makes about 800,000 ‘dreamers, so he sent a message to President Trump: “Many have reached a very advanced academic level, because they are doing research. They are generating employment and contributing to economic expansion. ”

Of the nearly 800,000 dreamers it is estimated that 7,000 are Colombian, but if DACA ends, they would be added to the list of deportable.

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