Jul Concert: PSG supporters attack OM fans


The scene was cold in the back, especially on November 13th. Many incidents have spoiled the party and therefore the concert of the rapper Marseille JUL, this Wednesday night at the AccorHotels Arena.

Just before the beginning of the show, between 15 and 20 people sheltered under hoods and even sometimes hooded force the entrance, running from the bottom of the pit not yet full. The people howl, a megaphone and a fumigator in the hand. The crowd rather young, leaves them the place, fearing clashes while everything went quietly before their arrival.

Fights between PSG fans and OM

A few minutes later, the rapper Marseille appears as expected, landing from the ceiling in a spectacular stage. Thousands of phones come on to immortalize his arrival, as he begins his "JCVD" hit.

It is not yet 9 pm, when a "Marseille not welcome" banner is already appearing (Note: Marseille is not welcome). It is first torn off, then redeployed in the first row of the stands, by men shirtless. In the pit, smoke is on for almost the entire show, a rocket even from the middle of the crowd, in a rather family audience, sometimes with young children, this Wednesday night.

In this electric atmosphere, several fights broke out at the end of the concert. "We had to manage Paris fans who came to battle with OM supporters, fans of Marseille rapper Jul and come to the concert," said a police source. "They spotted themselves before the show at the subway, on the way to the Arena and in the hall, thanks to the jerseys of their teams or the scarves they wore. "

Several witnesses report that supporters of the PSG hit those of OM. Young people fought at the end of the concert, at the exit but also near the metro. "There were two fights, says this source, one outside and another at Bercy Cafe," which is the angle on the forecourt. "A little fight between two bands that had to heat up during the concert and make an appointment at the exit, but not related to a Paris-Marseille rivalry, analyzes the boss of the brewery. The police were very present and intervened immediately and there were no injuries or material damage. "

Alerted by rumors of participation of members of Collectif Ultras Paris, Romain Mabille, the president of the only group officially recognized by the PSG, denies the participation of members of the CUP.

Exceeded security members

The staff of the DOPC (Directorate of Public Order and Traffic) who provided security around the edges nevertheless had to intervene to end the brawl. There were no arrests. The victims of the fight outside are Marseille fans, from the Bouches-du-Rhône, but not Marseille itself. A dozen police vans remained parked along the AccorHotels Arena.

The people who left the room during the concert were "exfiltrees" by guards at the back, Seine side. "In the lobby, security guards and firefighters were very tense and a bit panicky," said a spectator who was released after an hour of live music. The booths selling Jul's t-shirts and drinks were closing one after the other. As if a cyclone was going to hit them. "

Scenes relayed on social networks show hordes of troublemakers arriving screaming in the corridors of the establishment. At entrance 35, those of the lodges, several witnesses also report that people were able to force entry and enter the building. "They were a fortnight and there were not enough security people. They could not do anything. In the midst of this extremely tense situation, spectators who arrived at the last minute with tickets could not even get into the room.

"Security has clearly been surpassed, how can we get here? It must be responsible people explain, "exasperated a member of the public. The management of the AccorHotels Arena was in a meeting on Thursday morning to analyze the circumstances of Wednesday night's incidents.

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