July 5th stadium closed for work – TSA


The stadium of 5-July 1962 Olympic Complex Mohamed-Boudiaf (Algiers) will be closed from Monday for a period of eight weeks, said Wednesday a statement from the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MJS).

"In the context of the permanent improvement of national sports infrastructures, this closure, decided in consultation with the Algerian Football Federation (FAF), will allow two operations to be carried out, namely the installation of access control equipment and electronic ticketing and sectorisation of the sports center. ", Says the statement released via the official agency.

This operation is part of the latest measures adopted by the government to prevent and combat the phenomenon of violence in sports infrastructure.

It should be noted that six other stadiums are involved in this operation (Tchaker de Blida, Sidi Bel Abbes, Constantine, Annaba, Setif and Ahmed Zabana of Oran).

In addition, the annual maintenance operation (scalping and sowing of a new plant mat), originally planned for August 2019, was postponed due to the participation of four clubs in international meetings. This operation will see the technical assistance, free of charge, from a specialized company, technicians from the FAF and Boukaaboub Amar, agricultural expert, said the MJS.

"During this period, the meetings initially planned for the 5-July stadium will be relocated to the stadiums of Rouïba and Mustapha Tchaker of Blida. The latter will subsequently be involved in a turf renewal operation. ", Says the statement from the MJS.

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