Jurgen Klopp – Ex-referee KinhOfer criticized Liverpool coach: "Lose every measure"


Former referee Thorsten KinhOfer has complained about the behavior of players and coaches against the referees. Particularly hard to court he goes with a current and a former Bundesliga coach.

Former Fifa referee Thorsten KinhOfer has criticized the behavior of players and coaches during matches in the Bundesliga. "We have an incredible aggression on the court," said the 51-year-old "Image": "These are now warlike conditions, I always wonder what they've taken to get from zero to 100."

According to KinhOfers one should not be surprised at these "role models", that in amateur football week after week referees are offended, threatened and beaten ".

Only on Tuesday, draconian penalties were pronounced against Essen Kreisligisten BV Altenessen II: After attacks by ten players against a referee three players were banned for two years, the remaining seven players were drawn for a year from the market. The coach was also suspended for half a year. Only two players had not participated in the referee chase.

KinhOfer: Respect only empty word

The former world-class referee criticized in particular the two German coaches Friedhelm Funkel and Jurgen Klopp. On the coach of the Champions League winner Liverpool FC KinhOfer said: "Klopp, everyone likes, loses every measure, if something is decided against his team."

According to KinhOfer, "fair dealing on the field, respect for the opponents and referees are just empty words".

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