La Vall and Nules keep track of a Pyromaniac


The alert has returned to jump in the Vall d'Uixo, after on the afternoon of last Monday in just over an hour and a half there were four vegetation fires at a very short distance in the section that connects the town with Nules, and that two of them were in municipal term of the latter. The firefighters of the Plana Baixa park managed to quell the flames very quickly.

According to official sources aware of these facts, the matter is very worrying because the pattern of action responds to a possible arsonist like the one that last summer put the municipality in check with about twenty fires registered in just two weeks.

The fires of last Monday were a few meters away by the road that connects the Vall and Nules, so that suspicions that were caused by the hand of man have quickly been triggered. These facts follow the same modus operandi as the one detected last summer.

When these episodes happened, the Local Police of the Vall requested citizen collaboration, through social networks, to be able to identify the person behind numerous spotlights detected in the town.

The agents were attentive to possible movements and also used drones, as reported by municipal sources last summer, to try to identify the person who had the Vall d'Uixo in suspense.

Both the Local Police and the Civil Guard opened an investigation in this regard without transcending, to date, any detention in this regard. As for the fires of last Monday, sources of the Benemerita declined to report on whether any type of investigation is being followed.

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