Lyon 2 University evacuated by the police


Students occupied the Porte des Alpes campus of the institution, located in Bron (Rhône).

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The police intervened Wednesday evening on the campus of the University of Lyon 2 to dislodge protesters, according to Le Progres. Students have been blocking since this morning the Porte des Alpes campus of the Lyonnais establishment, located in Bron, where studied the young man who tried to immolate last Friday.

After the mobilization of Tuesday against the "precarious student", which gave rise to several excesses in Paris or Lille, the Rhone prefecture said in the morning that there was "a rally of about fifty students in front of the Porte des Alpes campus of Lyon 2 University". On a Twitter account, a group of demonstrators announced early in the evening "the unlimited occupation of Lyon 2 Bron".

This Wednesday night, police intervened to stop the blockage of the building and evacuate the campus. An operation carried out on requisition of Nathalie Dompnier, the president of the university, according to Le Progres. There was no questioning.

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