Macron plays appeasement for fear of social coagulation


The government is already facing the movement of caregivers on Thursday, the first anniversary of the "yellow vests" on the 16th, and the mobilization against the pension reform on December 5th.

By Cedric Pietralunga and Alexandre Lemarie Posted today at 04h33, updated at 06:25

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On November 12, students gathered on the campus of Lyon-2 University, where he was studying the young man having set himself on fire.
On November 12, students gathered on the campus of Lyon-2 University, where he was studying the young man having set himself on fire. PHILIPPE DESMAZES / AFP

Mine clearance operation. The day after a day of action in several universities in tribute to the Lyon student who immolated himself in the fire by questioning the government on precariousness, the government has tried to play appeasement, Wednesday 13 November.

In the executive branch, the record has been passed to show restraint. At the Council of Ministers, Emmanuel Macron described "Tragic gesture" the suicide attempt of the 22-year-old man and expressed " empathy " and "Compassion" for her family. He also asked his ministers to make sure that the victim, Anas K., still hospitalized between life and death, benefits from "Best possible accompaniment". The government "Took the full measure of this drama"said his spokesperson, Sibeth Ndiaye, after the council.

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Manifestly anxious to prevent a stagnation of the situation, the head of state asked his troops to show "The greatest vigilance". No question of risking a general sling of youth, in a social context already extremely tense. Between the thousands of caregivers, who planned to demonstrate Thursday, November 14 to claim actions and ways to "Save the public hospital", the "yellow vests", who intend to march two days later to celebrate the first anniversary of the launch of their movement, and the prospect of a major strike against the pension reform, from December 5, the risk of a convergence of mobilizations exists.

Black scenario

A black scenario, which raises real concern at the top of the state and within the majority. "The President of the Republic and the Prime Minister are following things closely", assures the entourage of Mr. Macron. "The problem with students is that we know when it starts but never when and how it ends, sighs a deputy The Republic in motion (LRM). So you have to be very vigilant. There is no other option than to appease. " In the majority group in the Assembly, several elected officials are frightened by "The deleterious climate in the country". "We are many to say to each other: "It was missing only young people …" ", testifies one of them.

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