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Michael Schumacher: Management publishes statement – and overlooks DAS

The condition of Michael Schumacher continues to cause a stir.
The condition of Michael Schumacher continues to cause a stir.
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December 29, 2013 changed the life of Michael sSchumacher radical. Almost six years ago, the Formula 1 legend crashed while skiing in Meribel (France), hit his head and suffered serious injuries.

After the terrible accident lay Michael sSchumacher for months at the Grenoble hospital before being released in the summer of 2014. For almost six years, millions of fans have been puzzling: "How is Schumi?"

Michael Schumacher: whirl around his condition

What is known: The 50-year-old has been in medical rehab since the fall, living in seclusion on his estate in Switzerland.

There his family shields him completely from the public. Almost no detail about the health of Michael Schumacher penetrates to the public. But now there was a big anniversary for Schumi.

On 13 November 1994, Schumi won his first world title at the Australian Grand Prix. Twenty-five years later, RTL dedicates a theme evening to the Formula One legend on Wednesday evening.

Michael Schumacher: Management makes mistakes in memory of triumph

Also his last Formula 1 team, Mercedes, congratulated Schumi on the anniversary.

Also the management of Schumi published via Twitter a message to the fans to remind of the legendary title of 1994.

But knowledgeable fans will notice a detail. The first photo of the jubilant Schumi shows him not after his first World Cup victory – but in his Benetton of 1995, when Schumi took his second world title. In addition to details such as sponsors and some color changes, the number 1 immediately catches the eye. It always gets the reigning world champion – and that was Frenchman Alain Prost in 1994 and not Michael Schumacher. The picture shows Schumi after winning the Grand Prix of Germany in Hockenheim.

Some fans are annoyed about this fact and point out the mistake. Most, however, revel in the memory of their hero.

Only the closest confidants have access to the seven-time Formula 1 World Champion. If these then express themselves on the health of the former racer, it immediately causes a stir.

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Stephan Weichert, Professor of Communication and Journalism at the Hamburg Media School, understands the continuing upheaval surrounding Schumi's condition. "You worry about this national hero, with whom many could identify. The question of his condition is an unresolved issue. If it persists, it makes the media user's view too dissatisfied. "

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Expert Stephan Weichert: "This is a kind of processing"

"This communitization process, which is about to feel connected to one another again as a fan base of Michael Schumacher, is a socially interesting and relatively new thing that has only been possible for a few years on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram," explains Weichert in the DPA interview. "It's a kind of processing, because there is no other way to inform or speculate."


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"Such compassion through social media allows a kind of sympathy or expression of sadness and compassion for the victim. That's not a bad thing, though it's relatively superficial. "

Rarely, very rarely are there any indications of the health status of the racing legend. The radio station "Radio Monte Carlo" told Jean Todt, as team principal of Ferrari for a long time on Schumacher's side: "I can only say that his family cares about him just fine and he continues to fight."

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Jean Todt: "Michael's health is a private matter"

"His family is fighting the same way and of course our friendship can not be the same as it once was. Just because we no longer have the same communication as before, "Todt had said to the" world "months ago.

Details but did not want to betray the 73-year-old. "Michael's health is a private matter," Todt points out, later explaining in the Italian newspaper La Republicca: "The family decides what they want to say and what they do not. We respect the wish. Because Michael never spoke of his private life, he never presented photos of his children. "

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