Montfermeil: Aminata's death, stabbed by her partner, causes "immense" grief


Their grief is "immense, and far too deep to be appeased anytime soon". This Wednesday evening, in Montfermeil, the stifled sobs of adults and children endlessly tear up the deafening silence of the residence Le Chateau des Perriers, a place so calm in appearance. "But how to return now? Exclaims a woman on the brink of nervous breakdown.

All day, about sixty of them were received in the town hall by doctors and psychologists dispatched urgently by the Samu and the city. "It was necessary to put words on a pain out of norm", explain several elected officials. The day before, a young couple known to everyone in this neighborhood in the city center, killed each other.

Aged 31, Aminata was "nice, beautiful, pretty," according to his family. DR
Aged 31, Aminata was "nice, beautiful, pretty," according to his family. DR

Horror of horror, it is the children of the couple who gave the alert, fleeing to the neighborhood family different in which their mother, Aminata T, 31, hit with several stab wounds, gave up the ghost. According to the first testimonies collected the evening of the tragedy, they were carried by her husband Alou T, 40 years old. Also seriously injured, the latter died from his wounds in the night, at the Bichat hospital in Paris. Shocked, but not injured, the girls were taken care of by the Social Assistance for Children (ASE) and by psychological help.

"Unimaginable, unspeakable"

Then, in Montfermeil, in the face of this unprecedented violence, the terror gave way to an infinite sadness but also a sacred dose of misunderstanding. "It's unimaginable, unspeakable," sighs weeping mothers.

"No, it's simple, corrects a boy of … 7 years. It's called death: the father killed the mother, who defended himself and killed him, and now my girlfriends are all alone. "

On a blank piece of paper, the same top as three apples drew four fellows: two adults, one man, one woman, and two children. Then, he wiped the faces of the parents. Perhaps he will overcome the test faster than his many elders, because all day long, friends in shock, neighbors, colleagues, family members … gathered in the hall of the town hall for to benefit from the support of doctors rushed by the Samu.

Montfermeil, this Wednesday. About sixty residents and relatives of the deceased couple came to talk and talk to the psychological cell. LP / M.Fr.
Montfermeil, this Wednesday. About sixty residents and relatives of the deceased couple came to talk and talk to the psychological cell. LP / M.Fr.

In the village hall, the men often remained silent while the women hugged in front of the youngest. To pay homage to him, the family and loved ones of this woman, have continued to describe her "as she was", they say: "Nice, beautiful, flirtatious, smiling and who wanted to be independent, since she was working and had just obtained her driving license.

Her niece, 14-year-old Kinty, will keep the image of "a modern, strong, emancipated woman", with whom she went "to go shopping twice". In the neighborhood, men portray the husband as someone "discreet, very kind and believer". On the women's side, the bell sound differs significantly. Colleagues and friends of Alimata mention, on condition of anonymity, "tensions in the couple, since she was thinking of taking a flat just for her". Her husband, say several close friends "did not want her to work so much." A tension that had pushed the mother to reduce significantly her hours of work.

"No history of violence"

Anyway, "no history of violence in the couple was known by the police," says the parquet Bobigny. No neighbors no longer had heard screams. Rather, they evoke the sound of "small laughter" in this city where paper-thin walls allow everyone to hear the lives of others.

The couple, originally from Bamako (Mali), were married in the country. She was 19 years old, nine more. "She stopped studying after she got the patent, then worked, sold donuts, and little things to help her parents," says an aunt from the family.

Some time later, the couple settled in France, lived in the suburbs of Paris, living from home to home. Finally, they had found stability in Montfermeil. He worked as a security guard at a shop in Paris, as a cashier at Auchan in Montfermeil. For the director of the sign, present this Wednesday at the cell of psychological help, "Aminata was an exemplary woman".

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