Munich: Student misled by wrong doctor to life-threatening experience


A man has to answer in Munich in court. He had pretended to be a doctor and made women commit life-threatening surges.

  • A man (30) pretended to be a doctor.
  • The 30-year-old made women inflict life-threatening surges.
  • The suspected motive is disturbing.

Update from November 14, 8:31 am:

Update from November 13, 13.35: The 27-year-old student from Berlin tries to take the events meanwhile with humor. She does not have it that way electronics, "I have no idea about electricity." And she was a biologist, she said in one negotiations break – "but with bacteria – not with humans". Everything is her today "primarily totally embarrassing".

In court, the video chat was shown, which the accused should have recorded, according to prosecutors. In it you can see how she performs the alleged experiment and how she screams for an electric shock. According to the indictment, among other things, she put a nail in a multiple socket strip and clamped it between her toes – she received a heavy blow.

The video shows how the young woman gets up again – and gets another electric shock. "Does that really have to be again?", She asked in the chat. "Yes, unfortunately on both feet," the accused answered and asked: "Can you last a little longer?"

Electric shock trial against false doctor: man apologizes to victims

Update from November 13, 12:55 pm: The defendant apologized to one of his victims this Wednesday. To a 27-year-old student from Berlin, the man said: "I just wanted to say that this was a moral mistake and was bad. I really want to apologize to you. "

The woman, who appears as a co-plaintiff in the lawsuit and was heard as a witness, said, "I find it strong that the apology is coming." Previously, she described how she was electrocuted, to which the fake doctor blamed her for one Persuaded the study suffered severe pain.

Trial against the wrong doctor – victim: "Really a stupid idea"

Update from November 13, 11:43: This Wednesday, the trial is about the wrong doctor continue in Munich. He had led girls and women to give themselves life-threatening surges. One of his victims has participated in the alleged study need of money justified: "I just needed money and that would just get money," said the 27-year-old student from Berlin before the district court Munich II.

According to the indictment, she was offered 3,000 euros. Today she regrets to have participated: "If you are there then yourself 220 volts Hunted through the body, one notices that this was really a stupid idea. "The man had her 2015 as Physician Raik Haarmann of the Berlin Charite presented. For the biology PhD student, this made a serious impression, even the doctorate had impressed her.

She was instructed by Skype to build a "spoon-wooden spoon-dumpling". You then have the under electricity touched a standing spoon and "caught a shock, a pretty strong", the student continues. Then she had to hold the construct to her temples: "It felt like my brain was going to burn," the student continues.

She had reared up. "I could not breathe anymore," said the biologist. "I was lying on the floor there sometime." alarm bells have shrunk in the matter already. But she just needed money. "I wanted to do it without my parents." She does not know electronics very well, she said. "I was so embarrassed, I never talked to anyone about it."

Wrong doctor in court; Mother sits down on the dock

Update from 21.01 clock: The face with hood and scarf hooded, in front of the head a folder: So entered on Tuesday the IT Fachman
n the boardroom in Regional Court Munich II, No camera should catch his face. Only with the start of negotiations he put his masking off, at the same time a petite woman in a red down jacket scurried from the audience area to the square next to him. No one prevented her from sitting in the dock. It was his mother, who has been his caregiver since the end of September. Of the 30-year-old is located in the psychiatry,

Wrong doctor should have recruited minors for experiments

What he really misses was as unknown at the beginning of the process, as was the strange nature of the slender man whose fetish seems to be bare feet. Again and again he had from 2013 to 2018 by his subjects, mainly between 16 and 18 Years old, requires exposing the feet and keeping power cables to their toes.

And the young women did what he asked for. Against a promised – but never paid – compensation in the amount of a few hundred euros they cut the cable of curling irons, blow dryers, hair straighteners or even from a Playstation and a stereo system, prepared the same with spoons and connected it to the power circuit. They kept the spoons – according to the arrangement – on the bare feet or also on the temple.

Defendant is said to have watched victims live via Skype

Only very few people simulated the attempt, pretending to feel a tingling sensation. Most suffered significant electrocution up to Lose consciousnessOthers complained about strong ones Pain, Blisters and welts. Heart as well mental problems occurred as further consequences.

The defendant not only approved of a possible death. He also feasted on the cries of pain. The experiments he performed under the prescription to be a doctor live Skype pursued, he saved in large numbers, in order to be able to arouse sexually even later on the pictures. He never revealed himself. At least that's what the prosecution says.

Trial in Munich for attempted murder partly behind closed doors

It was presented yesterday, after which the audience had to leave the hall. The defender of the man had the Exclusion of the public requested for the hearing of his client. Also the Expert report on the psychiatric prognosis are now presented behind closed doors. In addition, the jury decided that the test subjects under the age of 18 years do not have to testify in public.

One of the young victims from Eichenau (circle Furstenfeldbruck) had set the procedure in motion. The 16-year-old lost the awareness by the electric shock and came in one hospital, The treating doctors turned on the police. The prosecution began to investigate.

Maybe the man has been diminished in debt. The process also involves his placement in psychiatry.

Wrong doctor advises partly underage girls to electric shocks

Update from 15.14 clock: A 30-year-old is standing for 88 times attempted murder dish, He persuaded women and girls to be wrong power surges inflict. He pretended to carry out a scientific study on pain therapy. For this he offered the women and girls money – sometimes 200 euros, sometimes 450, in some cases even 1,500 or 3,000 euros.

The victims finally chased each other up 230 volts through the body. They cut off power cables and held them to their feet. Besides, they got stuck electrodes to the temples, nails stuck in sockets or touched with his hand electric fences, In some cases even the parents of the girls are said to have helped with the alleged attempts. Thus it is said in the charge that a father of his daughter several electric shocks with a Electrical shock device have shifted.

The prosecution goes from a "satisfaction of sex drive" as murder feature from and of a "fetishistic component" as a motive. "Both the infliction of electrical pain, bare feet, and bondage are a fetish of the accused," the prosecutor said.

The defense goes according to a report of the Main-Post assume that the defendant mentally ill is and that Asperger syndrome Has. According to the defender of the man said it was "the attempt of a sick to communicate with the environment".

88-fold attempted murder: Wrong doctor must answer in court

Update from 13.34 clock: In the trial of 88 times attempted murder with life-threatening electric shocks, the district court of Munich II has the public on Tuesday for large parts of the negotiation locked out. The defense had requested this. The lawyer of the 30-year-old defendant had demanded the exclusion, because it "goes to the sex life" of the man and he now in one psychiatric hospital be treated.

The public was excluded, for example, for statements of the witnesses at the time of the act and the final arguments. Of the judge The reason for this was that it was about the "sexual life" of the accused and "intimate wishes". The prosecution goes from the "satisfaction of the sex instinct" as murder feature from and of a "fetishistic component" in the motive.

With this apparatus, the women and girls themselves brought power surges.

© Police Furstenfeldbruck

Bayern: Wrong doctor persuades women and girls to power surges

First notification from 12th November 2019, 12.53 pm

Munich – "Life-threatening application for a side job". That's what the police wrote about the case. A man (30) is said to be doctor spent and made young women become life-threatening themselves power surges inflict. His suspected motive is disturbing.

At the district court of Munich II, the sensational trial started on this Tuesday (November 12) at 9.30 am: A 30-year-old man is due tried murder Accused of 88 women and girls. He should have made them using Skype to inflict power surges. The prosecutor Munich II speaks of a "Unusual case", It is said to have aroused the man when a woman suffers pain from an electric shock.

Bavaria: Wrong doctor gets women to inflict life-threatening surges

According to the police headquarters Upper Bavaria North had the today 30-year-old from the room Wurzburg since 2014 via the Internet contact to his mostly very young victims. He found them because they are classified in classifieds part-time job had searched. He offered them to them. According to the investigators, he gave as doctor from a renowned university.

He claimed participants for one scientific study to seek and offered money to the girls and women. About Skype, the charges continue, he instructed the girls and women to build apparatuses to themselves life-threatening electric shocks inflict.

Wrong doctor brings women to power surges: 16-year-old reports

The video chats The man recorded, so that he could look at her again and again. On the trail of the IT specialist, the investigators came after a 16-year-old victim of the man had filed a complaint. He was in February 2018 arrested, Since then, the 30-year-old sits in pretrial detention.

120 victims from all over Germany should have fallen for him according to police. 88 cases have been brought to the prosecution. According to the prosecution, it is clear that "there are no longer any grounds for criminal liability in the other cases investigated (…)" or "undetectable".

A woman from Giessen is a co-plaintiff in the case. She would like to help clarify the facts, as the Giebener Allgemeine Zeitung reports.

More than 200 video recordings: Wrong doctor is in court

The police evaluated the seized media. There were more than 200 video recordingsthat the suspect made of his victims. According to police, the man had intervened in the interrogations last year "Partial confession" stored. The prosecutor also confirmed that he had commented on the allegations, but left open how.

The 30-year-old now has to because of tried murder, dangerous bodily injury, misuse of job titles and other offenses before the district court of Munich II. There are 15 days scheduled until January.

At the Nuremberg Clinic probably an impostor was flown, who had spent as a doctor. Among other things, he falsified his doctoral thesis. ( *) In a hospital in Duren a man should have spent as a doctor and worked in surgery. Only after clues from outside the dizziness flew up.

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