Nadal-Medvedev: "You must fight, not break your racket at 5-1 in the third set" – ATP World Tour Finals 2019 – Tennis


ATP FINALS – Is there a bigger fighter than Rafael Nadal on the circuit? Not sure. This Wednesday, the Spaniard has again brought the blatant proof by reversing a badly embarked situation against Daniil Medvedev. All while still showing a chilling cool that clearly missed his opponent.

Video – From disaster to miracle: relive Nadal's incredible rise on Medvedev


" We must accept that the opponent plays better than you"

A calm cushioning allowed him to save this point. The beginning of a fantastic comeback where the Spaniard will have metamorphosed to become ruthless and return a match that seemed lost in advance. "I was very luckyhe admitted afterwards at a press conference. I'm sorry for Daniil, it's a tough defeat. He was playing much better than me in the third set. It was one of these days, one in a thousand, where you winWithout being the best with the racket, he could have pointed out, but the best in the head.

"From my personal experience, I know it's super complicated to complete this kind of matchesexplained the world number one who was given a reprieve in this position. Especially when you have two breaks in front of you and you have lost the first setAbove all, yes, but how does he keep his head cool and not succumb to the temptation to let go of the case when it seems so heard?

His miracle puts Djokovic in the face of a challenge

"For me, the example to give to young players is not the comeback, he said. Of course you have to answer now and you have to keep fighting. But for me, the example is not to break your racket at 5-1 in the third set or lose control when things are not going in your directionIn short, stay calm and extinguish an indoor volcano that would have everything to implode.

"You have to stay positive, stay on the court, accept that the opponent is playing a little better than you and accept that you are not good"But if the Nadal player is so tall, it's also because the man Rafa knows the meaning of the word" humility. "We can be one of the greatest in history and not let ourselves be intoxicated by past successes. "Sometimes the frustration comes when you think and you consider yourself to be too good and you do not accept the mistakes you make"he further explained.

The recipe is known to everyone, certainly, but it continues to surprise. Because Nadal holds the key to know how to remobilise in the most depressing moments for him. The kind of emotional boost that instantly feels in his shots. Here he is revived in this Masters. Better, he now forces Novak Djokovic to win the tournament if he wants to seize the first place in the world (unless Nadal arrives in the final). At 5-1 in the last set, we would not have given away this hypothesis. But Nadal did not break his racket …

Rafael Nadal

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