NFL superstar before farewell? Hot rumors about possible Newton trade


    Has Cam Newton&#39;s time at the Carolina Panthers expired? After the quarterback has been placed on the injured reserve list and his season is over, there is a lot of discussion about the progress of Newton&#39;s career.</p><div>
    <p>As Ian Rapoport reports, Newton is said to be open to a fresh start at another franchise.

"It's very likely that Cam Newton will play for another team next season," Rapoport told the NFL Network. "Newton has another year of contract and his $ 19 million salary is not guaranteed, making him a likely trade candidate."

New beginning at the Bears?

The NFL insider also brought a potential trade partner into conversation. "He's a franchise quarterback who will be well again in March, and a franchise like the Chicago Bears, if they're looking for a new quarterback, might be interested in him." According to my sources, Newton was not averse to being traded to the Bears. " , Rapoport stated.

With a trade, the Panthers would not only save Newton's salary, they could also finally draw a line under the Newton chapter. The quarterback is due to recurring injuries for years, not ran on his MVP form of 2015 ran.

Newton was hired by the Panthers in the Draft's first pick in 2011 and has since played 125 games for Carolina, scoring 4,908 yards as a runner alongside 29,041 passing yards.

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