Niklas Sule / Bayern: Shock prognosis after cruciate ligament tear – Comeback until the new season?


Niklas Sule of Bayern has to accept after his cruciate ligament tear the next setback. The doctors point to complications that make a return uncertain.

  • Niklas Sule suffered a cruciate ligament tear and was operated on immediately.
  • The defender of FC Bayern Munich fails for months.
  • Sole injured for the second time in the same place.

Update from November 14, 9:54 am: That was it with the Football European Championship 2020 for Niklas Sule,

Niklas Sule: Cruciate ligament injury more complicated

According to a report, the violation of theBayern defense chiefs even more complicated than had already been assumed. The 24-year-old center-back was in mid-October in the Bundesliga game at FC Augsburg a cruciate ligament rupture and suffered a meniscal damage.

Again kicker (Thursday edition) now reported, the FC Bayern and his doctors advised the native Frankfurter not to rush his comeback.

Bayern: Increased risk with Niklas Sule

What worries the medical department: Sule The anterior cruciate ligament in the left knee has torn for the second time in five years. Such a rerupture increases the risk of a renewed injury, they say.

Added to this is the damaged meniscus. Internally, the Munich expect therefore only for the season 2020/21 with a comeback of the defensive, which is very likely the Pan-European European Championship (June 12 to July 12) will miss.

Before the annual general meeting 2019 of Bayern (here in the live ticker) it remains so eventful on the Sabener road – in the Olympiahalle is expected on Friday an emotional farewell from Uli Hoeness from the front row.

Cruciate ligament tear by Niklas Sule: OP brings more injuries to light

Update from October 24, 2:18 pm: Niklas Sule injured, Lucas Hernandez too – Bayern has a defense problem that has arisen from the two injuries.

One way to solve this is winter transfers for the FCB. Although Uli Hoeneb excluded this, the injury of Lucas Hernandez could bring about a change of heart here.

Update from October 22, 12:45 pm: After the injury of Niklas Sule the question arises, who replaces the defensive boss. While one would like to build on the existing squad according to own statement and Uli Hoeneb excluded even all activities prematurely (and prematurely), there are reports that doubt that.

According to a report, Bayern should be interested in a French world champion. He could fill the gap in the south and expand the "French Connection" at FCB, as * reports. From the game FC Bayern against Piraeus we report in the live ticker.

Niklas Sule not at the European Championships? Matthew makes bold prognosis

Update from October 22, 7:54 am: The drama of the Bundesliga weekend occurred in Augsburg with the cruciate ligament tear of Niklas Sule. In addition to a long failure threatens the Bayern defender by the injury also the end for the European Championship 2020.

Lothar Matthaus, however, assumes that the 24-year-old will play well in the Euro for the DFB team. "That hurts football Germany. For Bayern and the DFB but especially for Niklas is very bitter, "writes the German record national player in his Sky column" So I see that ". "I had this injury myself and I know what that means."

As a result, Matthaus but a daring prognosis for recovery Sules and the European Championship 2020. "Sule will play in the European Championship for Germany and have made more games before the tournament, as Manuel Neuer before the 2018 World Cup." Whether the Sky expert Right reserves?

Even before the CL game against Bayern Piraeus it came to a scandal: vermumte fans attacked FCB fans. There were obviously injured. Meanwhile, it is becoming more difficult due to failures to properly fill the starting line-up of the reds. What will the formation of FC Bayern against Union Berlin look like? Click here for the live ticker of the match FCB against Berlin.

Niklas Sule, his cruciate ligament tear and the appalling prognosis of Uli Hoeneb

Update from October 21, 20:03: Uli Hoeness had already written off the morning before the departure for the CL game to Piraeus, the European Championship for Niklas Sule. Hoeneb wanted to protect his defense boss maybe only so that this for the euro nothing rash and presumably after longer fails.

A new detail on his injury could totally ruin Sule's dream. Now wants the image have learned that in Sule not only the anterior cruciate ligament is torn, but at the surgery in Innsbruck even more damage was found in the joint. Allegedly, the meniscus was also affected.

According to threaten the 24-year-old the season-off. However, the writes image also that Sule continues to target the European Championship.

Does a FCB talent get a new chance? A DFB coach recommends Lars Lukas Mai how * reported.

Uli Hoeneb about Niklas Sule: "He can forget the EC"

Update October 21 11:17: Uli Hoeness is also a few weeks before the end of his time as Bavarian President a man of clear words. At the media round before the game of FCB in Piraeus, he also commented on the injury of Niklas Sule and a possible EM participation of the defender.

"Sule can forget the European championship, that's all cheese," the Bayern boss becomes clear. "As it looks, the season is over for him. He should focus on the new season. "

Then Sule must be fit again, according to Hoeneb, who described Sule's cruciate ligament tear as "the total catastrophe, a drama, the most difficult injury one can have".

A cruciate ligament tear costs Niklas Sule probably the European Championship 2020.

© dpa / Matthias Balk

As the Bayern will react to the injury, should also be the topic of the press conference before the Champions League appearance at Olympiacos Piraeus on Tuesday. We are in the live ticker, when coach Niko Kovac on Monday from 16.45 clock gives information. If he then also talks about the viral hit, which became a Hoeneb photo, reported on the *?

Niklas Sule: Experts predict EM-Aus for Bayern star

Update October 21, 9:41 am: The cry of Niklas Sule, as he injured himself in the game against FC Augsburg, the audience who were in the stadium, still reverberate in the ears. The cruciate ligament tear of the defender has also consequences for Jogi LOw – and worse, than possibly assumed.

In less than eight months begins the EM 2020, in which Sule was scheduled as a German defense chief. He could miss this now – and will definitely do that according to an expert. The reason is an event from 2014.

"The more operations are performed on the same knee, the more time, of course, also requires the rehabilitation," says dr. Michael Lehnert, former team doctor of women of VfL Wolfsburg and Turbine Potsdam, opposite SPOX and Goal based on Sule's first cruciate ligament tear in his left knee, which he still suffered in the jersey of TSG Hoffenheim. What does that mean specifically for the downtime of the 24-year-old?

Niklas Sule at the European Championships? Expert calls this "more than unlikely"

"The healing time of the new cruciate ligament takes longer in a pre-operated knee with scar tissue," explains the physician. "In addition, players and physicians are much more careful to be on the safe side, so that the new cruciate ligament really holds." Instead of half a year, one could expect a break of about a year.

"All the professionals I know, whether men or women, have needed to return to the competition after a rape of the cruciate ligament between eight and twelve months," says Dr. Lehnert, giving a bleak prognosis. "That Sule is playing in the European Championship 'I think it's unlikely, if not impossible, unless you're ready to risk your health and possibly even the player's career.'

Poll: How should Bayern react to the Sule injury?

Niklas Sule injured: Must retrieve Jogi LOw Hummels in the national team?

Update October 21, 6:45 pm: Sules injury is not only a problem for Bayern, but also for Jogi-LOw. He has a similar problem as the German champion after the boating of Boateng and Hummels. Who can take over Sule's position? Because it is clear, Sule will fail at least 6 months, if not longer, after he already had a torn ACL in 2014 on the same knee. And even if he had recovered to the European Championships, how much practice he has until then again. Can Sule reach nearly its old power by the time of the European Championships? The fact is: hoping for this represents a high risk for LOw.

Video: Effenberg: Boateng can replace Sule

Sky expert Dietmar Hamann therefore sees only one way out for the national team: Jogi LOw has to jump over his own shadow and summon Hummels back to the national team.

It would be conceivable that Hummels would come back too. After all, he visited the international match in Dortmund, his old teammates and explained earlier that he had always gone to the phone when the national coach called. This option is missing the FC Bayern Munich.

Sole OP: "The sooner the better!"

Update from October 20th, 8pm: Just over 24 hours after the game, the national player in Innsbruck was operated on by Prof. Christian Fink. For many surprising, for example, the decision to engage with his DFB colleague Leroy Sane had dragged on for weeks. "There is no medical reason to postpone a cruciate ligament operation," says Sink Fink to the tz, "on the contrary, the sooner you operate, the better."

Sole reported few hours before his surgery in Innsbruck via Instagram to word: "Whoever manages once, every time he can do it again!" The center-back reached numerous recovery wishes, even league rival Borussia Dortmund wished via Twitter get well soon. The 1.95-meter-Hune will fail in any case, several months and intervene at the earliest in spring 2020 back into the action. Even his use at the European Championships in the summer is in the stars. Joachim LOw is also concerned about this: "The injury is affecting the development of our young team, which is in transition," the national coach fears.

The defensive specialist had already contracted a rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee. In 2014, this fate befell him in the jersey of TSG Hoffenheim. Sule fell out 203 days later. In 235 days, the opening match of the European Championship in Rome rises. It could be tight for Niklas Sule and Joachim LOw. "He was a fixture in our planning," Loew speaks about the importance of the Bayern player in the DFB in the past.

Niklas Sule fails for months after cruciate ligament rupture – is Boateng now staying with FC Bayern?

Update of October 20, 2019: How does Bayern Munich handle the probably months-long loss of its chief of defense? Sport1 expert and Uerdingen manager Stefan Effenberg think Jerome Boateng is a potential substitute. Boateng, who had been suggested by Uli Hoeneb in the summer of a club change and whose future as bank oppressors actually seemed sealed, he came back in the past games more often used.

"If Jerome Boateng accepts that 100 percent and now deals with it, then he can replace it in my eyes. But it's still a very thin ice. "Effenberg expects that Sule will realistically prepare for a deployment in the DFB squad at the European Championship next summer. "He will not play any role for Bayern. But Boateng – in terms of quality – would have to pack that. "

In the end, can Bayern even be happy that a transfer from Boateng to Juventus last summer did not work? Fact is: If the world champion of 2014 – as Hoeneb had suggested to him – meanwhile gone, then FC Bayern would probably have a serious staffing problem due to the long absence of his chief of defense.

For the Bild newspaper it is clear that a Boateng change for Bayern is now no longer an issue: "The record champions with Jerôme Boateng (31) only a real center-back. And he wants to go! The world champion was actually sorted out, so has a week since a new adviser (Lian Sports). Under these circumstances Bayern will not let him go, which is almost certain. "

Of course, the question remains whether Jerome Boateng now wants to give 100 percent for an association that had publicly written off already.

CHECK24 double pass: Effenberg: Jerome Boateng can replace Niklas Sule

Cruciate ligament rupture shock: Niklas Sule answers – OP at the Sane-Doc

Update from October 20, 2019, 15:16: The cruciate ligament rupture of Niklas Sule shocked Bayern. For months he will miss the Munich injured. How long exactly, that also depends on the operation that Sule undergoes on Sunday. Now the player himself spoke up via Instagram and was optimistic: "Thank you for your messages. Anyone who manages to do it again and again! "Sule wrote to a selfie photo from the car. So Sule plays on his cruciate ligament rupture in the season 2014/2015. At that time he missed the TSG Hoffenheim more than 200 days.

In addition, Niklas Sule also revealed where he will go under the knife: "On the way to Innsbruck," wrote the player to the picture. It is relatively certain that Sule gets himself under the artistic hands of knee specialist Dr. med. Christian Fink is issued. Fink has built a practice with a worldwide reputation, as * reported. Here, for example, Leroy Sane was treated for his cruciate ligament tear.

Cruciate ligament rupture: Niklas Sule fails several months

Niklas Sule injured: Does Bayern Munich youth player on his position?

Update from October 20, 2019, 2:47 pm: The bitter diagnosis of cruciate ligament shocks Niklas Sule and Bayern. The central defender will miss the Munich for months. After the departure of Mats Hummels Niko Kovac has not too many options in the squad: In addition to Lucas Hernandez and coached by the beleaguered little beloved Jerome Boateng also Benjamin Pavard and Javi Martinez can move to the Sule position.

But that could be too thin a cast in the long run. Apparently, the Bavarians have already responded directly on the day of the Sule-OP and increased the squad: The 19-year-old Lars Lukas Mai was apparently already promoted by the little Bayern into the professional team.

In the squad of the second team missed Mai on Sunday against Zwickau at least. According to information from football suburb May came back already battered by the junior national team. The fact that Mai is not playing for little Bayern could only be a precautionary measure from Jung coach Sebastian Hoeneb. But it could also be the staff of the first team behind it.

The 19-year-old knows a bit: In the past season, May already played twice for the first team of Bayern.

Bayern Munich: Niklas Sule suffers Kreuzabandriss in the left knee

The May promotion is an almost logical step for Bayern. There is a lot of talk about the kicker: "Lukas is a good boy and one of our greatest talents," said Hasan Salihamidzic Mai after his contract extension on Friday, as our affiliate portal Football Suburb reported. Brazzo also said: "At the age of 19, he is already one of the top performers among our third-league amateurs. We are convinced that its development is not yet complete. "After the Sole injury, May now has a great opportunity to prove himself to the pros. However, it is also big footsteps in which he steps.

Before the Bayern II match against Zwickau coach Sebastian Hoeneb said about a possible May promotion to Sport1: "We always wish that our guys have sometime up the opportunity to show themselves, and this is the biggest honor for us, for the U23, for us as junior department (…) But I do not know. That's the decision of Niko Kovac and not mine. "

Bayern Munich: Niklas Sule gets horror diagnosis

Update from October 20th, 1:30 pm: Niklas Sule will be operated on on the cruciate ligament on Sunday. The question now is: who takes Sules place in the central defense? In the opinion of Stefan Effenberg, Jerome Boateng would be in a position: "If Boateng accepts it, he can replace Sule," said Effe in the Sport1-Show "double pass". Effenberg says that Bayern can compensate for the failure: "Bayern are not so helpless, it is not a state of emergency."

Update from October 20th, 12.24: Niklas Sule will be out for months – even for the DFB team preparing for the European Championship. National coach Joachim Loew called the injury of his chief of defense "a very bitter news". In a DFB release, LOw also wrote: "His failure is also painful for us and affects the development of our young team in transition." In addition, it continues: "We all from the national team wish him a speedy recovery."

How important Sule for LOw is in the current phase of upheaval, the coach explained again in detail: "Niklas is a face of the young player generation, which we give a lot of space in the rebuilding, he was a fixture in our plans and had his regular missions both at the club and here, "Loew said." I'm sure he'll come back. "

With regard to the upcoming European Championship in June 2020, the coach commented cautiously: "Now we will not build up any pressure at all and continue to support him in the best possible way, he knows that. Now, first of all, the most important thing is that the operation goes well. "

After the "Sule-shock" there was a direct start for Bayern: Corentin Tolisso had to stop training on Sunday. He touched his heart – had to be examined.

Niklas Sule seriously injured: Bayern confirmed horror diagnosis torn ACL

Update from October 20th, 10:29 am: Bitter news for Bayern, Niklas Sule and also coach Jogi LOw: The central defender has suffered a cruciate ligament injury in the game against FC Augsburg. The Bayern confirmed on Sunday that Sule has contracted a tear of the anterior cruciate ligament in his knee. That is the result of an in-depth investigation by club doctor. Hans-Wilhelm Muller-Wohlfahrt, "it says in a club statement. Sule should be operated on Sunday.

The defender will be absent FCB for months.

Sule could miss Bayern for a long time – he knows what a cruciate ligament tear means

Update from October 20th, 8:20 pm: The concern for Bayern defender Niklas Sule is great. The central defender had to leave the field in the match against Augsburg on Saturday after just twelve minutes: suspected cruciate ligament rupture. Sule had to leave the stadium on crutches. Coach Niko Kovac did not want to make any predictions after the game, but confessed that "the cruciate ligaments could have been affected".

Of course, the situation is particularly tough for the player himself: "He certainly did not look good in the half-time break, was very sad," said Kovac. This is sometimes because Sule knows how long it can take to cure a possible cruciate ligament rupture. Kovac also referred in his description of Sules mental state to the fact that the 24-year-old had ever had to go through a cruciate ligament rupture.

In the season 2014/2015 Sule missed the TSG Hoffenheim more than 200 days because of a cruciate ligament rupture. It is possible that Sole was able to classify the pain relatively well on the pitch. Kovac summarized: "He was not positive". An official diagnosis is still pending.

FC Bayern star Sule injured: Kovac confirmed suspected cruciate ligament rupture

18:25: Meanwhile, the picture is still a bit darker. At the press conference after the match, Niko Kovac once again commented on his injured defense boss: "The thing I've heard already is that the cruciate ligament is damaged. Now we have to see to what extent other areas in the knee have been affected. "

6 pm: After the final whistle FCB coach Niko Kovac commented on the draw against Augsburg and the fateful scene in the opening phase: "The result is 2: 2. That's bad, but worse is the injury of Niklas Sule. We will examine it now, but the feeling is by no means positive, that did not look good. I hope not, that the cruciate ligaments got off, because that would mean that it will be very, very long. "

16:39: Niklas Sule left the stadium after the center-back had been treated in the cabin for a long time.

With a thick bandaged knee, Sky reporter Torben Hoffmann reported from the catacombs, he had hobbled in the direction of the bus. On crutches, the 24-year-old dragged himself through the wwk arena. Most likely, it is now directly to the hospital.

Update 4:20 pm: Great concern for the defensive boss: Niklas Sule is examined after his injury-related replacement just in the cabin of Bayern. The record champion seems to be a long-term failure of the national team does not seem to exclude categorically. The social media team of the record champion has posted on a Twitter a picture of the replacement – together with the hashtag #comebackstronger.

Niklas Sule: horror moment in Augsburg game – the defense boss is now long?

Our first report from Saturday, 3.40 pm:

Augsburg – "If Niklas Sule remains in such a situation …", said Sky commentator Kai Dittmann after eight minutes in the derby between FC Augsburg and Bayern Munich. The FCA was on the way to 2-0 when Sule had twisted his knee in a duel deep in the FCB half.

The chief of defense grabbed the joint immediately, went to the ground with a pain-distorted face. Lucky in misfortune for the Bayern: Marco Richter aimed left over, only a few minutes earlier he had already marked the 1-0 for the Swabians. Here is the live ticker for the game.

Niklas Sule: Cruciate ligament rupture at Bayern star? Apparently bad injury against Augsburg

Sule was then treated for minutes, quickly hinted the Bayern Docs: Mr. Kovac, please change! David Alaba and Jerome Boateng then warmed up, Alaba finally came into the game.

Sule hobbled off with the support of the Bavarian doctors – it did not look good at all. Knee twisted, sudden pain, grip in the hollow of the knee: The experienced football fan knows – that could be the horror diagnosis torn ACL. In December 2014, Sule had already suffered a cruciate ligament rupture. At that time as a 19-year-old in the service of TSG 1899 Hoffenheim.

Bayern: Great concern for Niklas Sule

On Twitter, fans feared the worst. "Get well soon," it was immediately from the supporters – some thought further and brought Mats Hummels for a comeback in the national team into play. With a cruciate ligament rupture, Sule could well be out for half a year or more.

Of course, that's not the time yet – no diagnosis of Niklas Sule is known yet. At Borussia Dortmund, one player will also miss: Jadon Sancho is not against Gladbach in the squad. Unlike Sule, however, this has no injury-related reasons.

After the injury of Niklas Sule experts demand the return of Mats Hummels in the national team

Will Bayern win a world champion as substitute for the South?

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