OM – OM football: Daniel Riolo reveals the secrets of the OM-OL penalty


Four days later, the shock of the Olympics between Marseille and Lyon (2-1) is still talking. In question, the penalty struck by Dimitri Payet.

Jean-Michel Aulas is not the only one to challenge. As the president of Olympique Lyonnais, the Technical Direction of Arbitration believes that Olympique de Marseille should not have benefited from the penalty that allowed Dimitri Payet to open the scoring. Because before the hand of Thiago Mendes, that of Morgan Sanson should have been sanctioned. But how could video support be wrong? Visiting the center of the VAR, Daniel Riolo spoke with the boss of the referees Pascal Garibian to try to understand.

" We reviewed the actions of the match. He started by saying that the penalty should never have been awardedsaid the RMC consultant. They made us listen to what the referees of the video were saying (at the time of the penalty awarded). One of the referees said: "Wait, show me your hand … Ok, no doubt, there is a penalty, are we replaying Yes, from the corner." And there I asked Mr. Garibian if we analyzed all the action from the moment when the corner is shot. He tells me "yes". "

"A lot of situations to analyze! "

" "So if we have to analyze from that moment, Sanson's hand …" And he told me that of course, there wasRiolo continued. When an offensive player touches the ball with his hand, there is a foul. This is what I do not understand. I asked him if we had to analyze all the action. In this case, before even knowing if there is Sanson's hand, if there is ever a contact in the surface between a defender and an attacker, it must also be taken into account. It's a lot of situations to analyze! Which partly explains the long wait and the funny decisions made after some intervention of the VAR …

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