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Undisputed holder in the French team, Benjamin Pavard deplores criticism that it should only be his place against his goal scored against Argentina in the round of 16 of the World Cup in Russia.

Landed in the French team just a few months before the 2018 World Cup, Benjamin Pavard has nonetheless been the holder in Russia and has since emerged as one of the most used players by Didier Deschamps. The reception of Moldova, this Thursday, at the Stade de France will also give place to the 26th selection of the Nordic team France.

An assiduity among the Blues that many explain by the lack of competition at his post, or Leo Dubois and even less Djibril Sidibe seeming to debunk. Questioned in the columns of The Teamthe Bavarian has broken this theory. "There is competition, some people say there is less competition on the right, but I do not see it like that, I'm working hard to be the best performer and get the matches together.", he explained, before pointing out some criticisms.

"After, what makes me laugh sometimes are people who do not watch my matches and criticize"he was particularly offended, adding: "Criticism is the game. (…) After, yes, I can do better, but I also know that I'm good." But the former Stuttgart player has as much after those who consider that he now owes his presence in the French team to his incredible goal scored against Argentina in the round of 16 of the World Cup.

A "bastard strike" that took him into another dimension and finally gave rise to some regrets. "Some people think I made my career on a goalhe lamented. I do not do my career on it. If I signed at Bayern Munich, it was because they had followed me for a while and I was good. They did not say, "Well, we'll sign Pavard, just for his volley." Even though the Northman split, there is little, an equally impressive strike with the Bavarian giant.

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