Pep to Bayern? "Would not fight me against it"


Joshua Kimmich and Timo Werner were at the DFB's press conference before the European Championship qualifier on Saturday against Belarus. Kimmich spoke there about a "great honor" and a possible commitment of Pep Guardiola as coach of Bayern.

"I do not know how realistic that is and how the plan with Hansi Flick is, it felt like there's a new coach coming in after the international break, and now we've won two games, I know Guardiola, I owe him a lot." Kimmich returned on Thursday afternoon.

The memories of the Spaniard are still present. "He made me play as a second league player in the Bundesliga and Champions League, and together we've become double winners, so I would not fight him back when he comes …"

Whether Guardiola is really discussed at Bayern, stands on another page. Recently, "Sport Bild" brought the current team manager of Premier League club Manchester City with a change to the old place of action in game.

Kimmich's national team and Bayern colleague Manuel Neuer was at the press conference on Wednesday meanwhile covered. "I hear about the rumor for the first time, so I can not say anything about that," the captain said shortly.

Meanwhile, Joshua Kimmich also spoke his role in the German national team. "The hierarchy is developing through the games, and I personally was captain last time, so it was a great honor."

The all-rounder wanted to continue in the future. "It all depends on experience and yet everyone is encouraged to take on responsibility," said the Bayern actor.

Kimmich and Werner at the PK: Here are all important statements to read.

+++ Werner about Kimmich +++

I'm not going to do anything Joshua does. That I went to Leipzig when he went to Bayern was rather coincidence. For me, my change was my personal development in the foreground. I will certainly not emulate him in everything.

+++ Werner about Belarus +++

This is certainly not the footballing best team, as it's more physically robust to the point. Of course, if I score two goals, I will not say no. We play at home and want to show from the beginning who the boss is in the ring. The first leg was hard work, so now you can not necessarily expect us to knock the 5-0 away.

+++ Werner about Nagelsmann +++

Even before he came to us, I had contact with him. He showed me what my role will be. That was one of the reasons why I stayed. I was tempted to play something different than the classic striker. I also wanted to improve there. The input he gave me to see and interpret spaces has been good for me.

+++ Werner about the striker-existence +++

If you omit Lewandowski, there is no one who hits every game. I also had two or three games where I did not meet. It's going so fast and it's not as easy as it looks. Also, that one is said to be a crisis. You can not make a head, then it works easier.

+++ Werner about the European Championship qualifier +++

If we are safe on Tuesday, then that's just how it is. The goal is two victories, then we have no grief.

+++ Werner about Lewandowski +++

What Robert is currently delivering, is almost unique internationally. There he stands on a par with Messi or Ronaldo. It will be difficult to get in touch with him in the Bundesliga. I do not know against whom he should not score a goal.

+++ Werner on the role of the striker +++

Especially in the Bundesliga, there are more striker gates than last. There are some who have more than 17 goals. Now again with more than five. This has to do with the overall development, many more teams want to play offensively. That benefits us strikers.

+++ Werner about the failures +++

The number is already extreme. But as in the club, other players take over. The Bundesliga and foreign countries are full of good A national players. It is a disadvantage that a large part of the well-rehearsed team are not there. Those who are there now, of course, have to come together. Partly we know each other already among themselves. That will not be a problem.

+++ Werner takes over +++

Joshua Kimmich is allowed to leave, now Timo Werner speaks.

+++ Kimmich about differences compared to the 2018 World Cup +++

We are responsible for the mood. I do not have the impression that there is group formation. It is logical that everyone understands each other better. That will not be different with you at work.

+++ Kimmich about Uli Hoeneb +++

He shaped the club very much, brought him to where he is now. There will also be a time after that, that's always the case. Nevertheless, of course, something is missing when he is no longer there.

+++ Kimmich on the victory against BVB +++

This was hardly an issue in retrospect, with Nico Schulz and Julian Brandt I have talked about it briefly. We have others here, common goals.

+++ Kimmich about Sole +++

I hope he makes it to the European Championship. That is his goal and it is also important to know what you are working for. We see him every day at the training ground, he is also there for treatment. About his healing process, I can not say anything, unfortunately I'm not a doctor.

+++ Kimmich on the preparation +++

We are happy when we have so much time. We rarely have that, so sometimes you have the opportunity to get to know each other next to the course. And of course, to practice tactical things.

+++ Kimmich about Werner's development +++

I've known Timo since we were twelve. He almost always became top scorer – no matter where he played. And he currently has a sensational run. I also find it very remarkable how many goals he prepares. For a striker that is almost untypical. But he can help every team enormously.

+++ Kimmich on spectator fading +++

The kick-off times make it difficult for families, especially with small children. Even as a child I could not play any internationals. Nevertheless, it is up to us to ensure that people come to the stadium. We have to manage to bring more consistency to our performance.

+++ Kimmich over Pep Guardiola to Bayern +++

I do not know how realistic that is and how the plan with Hansi Flick is. One had the feeling that after the international break a new coach comes. Now we have won two games. I know Guardiola, I owe him a lot. He let me play as a second league player in the Bundesliga and Champions League. We have become double winners together. I would not fight back when he comes …

+++ Kimmich on the distribution of roles +++

Basically, this looks different than at Bayern, but that works well.

+++ Kimmich on the central defense +++

Everyone who is there has the quality for the starting eleven. And we will undoubtedly find at least two fit and good players for the position.

+++ Kimmich on the team structure +++

The hierarchy develops over the games. Personally, I was captain last time, it was a great honor. It all depends on experience and yet everyone is encouraged to take responsibility.

+++ Kimmich about the goals +++

The proviso is clear: we want to win two wins, six points and the secure European Championship qualifier.

+++ Kimmich takes place +++

Joshua Kimmich will be the first to speak. The following information is given in advance: Niklas Stark trained today, as do all other players. Jonathan Tah also trained individually after the running session. Both will still wait to see how far they can play.

+++ Kimmich and Werner as guests +++

Already yesterday, Wednesday, the DFB invited to the press conference, where director Oliver Bierhoff and Manuel Neuer and Leon Goretzka asked the questions of the press. All statements from this press conference are available here. In just a few minutes, Joshua Kimmich and Timo Werner take the podium.

+++ The DFB team in form-check +++

Before the next two qualifying games, we checked the form of the DFB stars: Who is currently in top form? Who was the last to disappoint in the club? The answer can be found here.

+++ LOw has to give up regular players +++

Nine players are missing coach Joachim Loew due to injuries. With Niklas Sule, Leroy Sane, Marcel Halstenberg, Thilo Kehrer and Kevin Trapp, five players were not even eligible for a nomination. Most recently, Kai Havertz (hamstring) and Marco Reus (ankle problems) retired. Antonio Rudiger and Julian Draxler recently returned from their injuries and are also unavailable. In addition, Niklas Stark is struck after his nose fracture, but announced to want to play.

+++ That's what Germany needs for the European Championship +++

Germany has it in its own hands. With a win against Belarus and a draw against Northern Ireland, the European Championship is safely reached. In the threesome constellation with Oranje (a draw against Northern Ireland) and the British coach Joachim LOw could in extreme cases even solve two defeats the ticket.

+++ The starting position for the national team +++

Before the games against Belarus and Northern Ireland, the national team ranked in the EM qualifying Group C in second place. In first place are the Netherlands. Both teams have 14 points, but Oranje has won the crucial direct comparison. Thus, Germany does not have it in its own hands to become first in the group. Also Northern Ireland (twelve points) in third place still has theoretical chances to participate in the European Championship. Brisant: The Northern Irish will meet on Saturday in parallel play on the Elftal and could put the group constellation on its head with a victory.

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