Premier Conte announces the Comitatone for Venice on November 26 and announces compensation


The inter-ministerial Comitatone for the protection of Venice will be convened on 26 November. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced this at the end of the meeting in the Prefecture. "We will also discuss – said the governance for the structural problems of Venice, large ships, MOSES, and greater coordination between the competent authorities".

"In today's Council of Ministers we will adopt the decree declaring a state of emergency. We were asked by the president of the region. This will allow us to launch the first financial allocations for first aid expenses and to restore the functionality of the services. As regards the rest of the damages, there are two phases. The first will allow us to indemnify individuals and commercial operators, up to a limit of 5 thousand and 20 thousand euros respectively. This money can arrive immediately. We will quantify those who have the most serious damage and can be liquidated ”. Thus said Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte in Venice at the end of the meeting in the prefecture following the damage caused by bad weather and high tide.

After the record-breaking high water on Tuesday night, Venice wakes up today after a night of respite: forecasts for a new tidal wave on Wednesday evening have been scaled down and the cloudy water of the lagoon has not returned to flood corns and fields Venetians.

According to the Municipality forecast service, however, the level will rise again today and especially tomorrow. For 10.50 this morning there is a tide of 125 centimeters and for tomorrow at 11.20 the expected height is 140 centimeters. These levels are normally considered very high, which trigger the sound of sirens, but much lower than 187 centimeters that caused the flooding of most of the city on Tuesday night. Meanwhile, the super-commissioner to complete the Mose will be Elisabetta Spitz, former director of the Agenzia del Demanio: the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Paola De Micheli announced.

Today in Venice the schools and many shops still remain closed, which have suffered the most damage together with churches, historical monuments, hotels and restaurants. The La Fenice theater, recently reopened after the reconstruction following the dramatic fire of January 1996, also suffered damage and canceled the next performances. Most of the houses on the ground floor have not been inhabited for a long time, but the bulkheads were not enough to repair even the raised floors where so many tourists and students are hosted every night. The damages are "unimaginable" according to the President of the Veneto Region Luca Zaia and will be quantified in the coming hours. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is still in Venice where today, after a meeting in the prefecture, he will meet citizens and traders. Forza Italia leader Silvio Berlusconi is also expected to visit the injured city during the day.

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