Prostitution in Paris: investigation into these violent Albanian networks ready for anything


Boulevard Carnot begins directly on the roundabout of the Porte de Vincennes (Paris, XII) overlooking the ring road. This small one-way street runs along a playground and a school. "But every night it is not cries of children that we hear," quipped a resident of one of the residences overlooking this axis. Because from 10:30 pm, a van comes to drop a dozen girls from eastern countries. They will remain in undress, all night, chaining the passes to 40 euros between cars parked in battle or in the back of a vehicle.

"In the morning we find sanitary towels and hoods everywhere on the floor, it's disgusting," sighs a mother. Once, I parked to go home. I was with my daughter and there was a customer who was on a prostitute in the car next door. "

Other residents, who seized the municipality, the police station and circulated a petition that has collected more than 300 signatures, say that they meet customers getting dressed or have to find excuses not to take their children to the playground.

Remains of the night, in front of a playground for children: used condoms and tissues. DR.
Remains of the night, in front of a playground for children: used condoms and tissues. DR.

These girls were installed there, but also in front of the market place of Saint-Mande (Val-de-Marne), for a little over a year by Albanian pimps, back in Ile-de-France after to have been hunted about ten years ago following the arrests of the main heads of the network: the Perlesi clan and Peqini brothers sentenced in Paris in June 2002, to 4, 5 and 7 years in prison. They had exploited between 300 and 600 women bought in bars or recruited from within their own family …

The article published in Le Parisien, in 2002, at the time of the opening of the Peqini brothers' trial. DR
The article published in Le Parisien, in 2002, at the time of the opening of the Peqini brothers' trial. DR

"For two or three years we have seen the return of procuring Albanian in the south of France, confirms a police officer. And logically, they are now trying to invest Paris. But this Tuesday, a large net of the brigade of repression of procuring boulevard Carnot (Paris, 12th) may have halted this expansion. "It was necessary to react, hammer this same policeman. Because with their violent methods, very quickly, they attack the competition. Which can ignite the powders. "

They already control 75% of girls on the street in London

In a document of the ministry detailing their desire to conquer "new shares of the French prostitution market", it is also explained that relying on their expatriate community, pimps Albanians already control nearly "75% of girls in the street in London (England). "

In France, Albanians occupy the pavement in Bordeaux, Aubenas, Toulouse, Lyon, Nîmes, Marseille or Nice. "They usually have a base in Italy and that's where they reinvest the national territory," says a police officer specializing in trafficking in human beings. They also exert their pressure from abroad by leaving their lieutenants and a little older daughter with whom they married a member of their family, to watch the prostitutes on the spot.

From their windows, the residents have a view of the girls who get dressed after their passes. DR
From their windows, the residents have a view of the girls who get dressed after their passes. DR

Purchased in Albania in the Roma community from the poorest families, or in bordering countries, the girls are sent to Western Europe. Pimps move them regularly to practice in France, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Spain. "They avoid that they stay too long in the same place, to limit their ties. And many of these victims are not major, "say specialist investigators.

According to the ministry document dealing with this crime, prostitutes are also exchanged between clans who move them from town to town. Because the different Albanian networks have links between them "facilitated by family connections. "And once established in Paris, it allows them" to set up a turn-over to never leave the field to competitors and maximizing the profitability of busy places, "decrypts a police officer.

A grip of rapes, beatings and threats

But the Albanian networks are also characterized by their extreme violence to subject the victims. Burns of cigarettes, tattoo of the nickname of the chief of the band, beatings, threats on the family remained in Eastern Europe … "In order to show his influence, one of them, arrested a little less than two years ago to Toulouse, forced a girl to convert to Islam, wear the veil during the day and prostitute night, "recalls the document.

Upon arrival in the network, victims are locked in a room and raped by the leaders for several days until the submission is complete. "The violence is also against the competing sectors, to recover the prostitutes and the ground and extend each day a little more, this was particularly the objective in the Paris region," says a police source who ensures that fires, extortions and beatings have been used in the past. "Important financial flows are at stake," says the ministerial document that reveals that a prostitute brings in about 10,000 euros per month.

White marriages in exchange for sexual services

Above all, these teams are not content with pimping. And pour into the trafficking of narcotics, weapons and illegal immigration channels, taking advantage of squats or apartments made available to migrants to exercise the girls.

Enkeleda Zace, former prostitute of the Perlesi clan and now managing part of prostitution in Nice was involved in the attack of 14 July 2016 in Nice. She is being prosecuted for acting as an intermediary to supply Lahouaiej Bouhlel with a weapon. This demonstrates the desire of Albanians to expand. The latter "even organize white marriages between foreign prostitutes and French customers in exchange for free sexual services," says the ministerial summary.

Tuesday evening, during the custody of the pimps and the hearings of the victims, the residents of the boulevard Carnot saw no one at home. "But will it last? I'm not sure, "sighs one of the residents.

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