Reggio Calabria, big fraud at the United States: here are all the NAMES of those arrested and suspects, there is also a city councilor


IS' Bruno Falcomata, in service in the emergency room of the "Bianchi-Melacrino-Morelli" metropolitan hospital of Reggio Calabria, the doctor arrested and placed under house arrest as part of the "Insured" operation conducted by the Guardia di Finanza with the coordination of the Reggio Calabria Public Prosecutor, on a series of scams against insurers. Together with Falcomata '- according to ANSA reports – they were arrested Nicola Gulli ', technician of the radiology department, e Vincenzo Benedetto is Francesco Cilione, considered the creators of the alleged fraud against the insurance companies that has yielded over fifty thousand euros thanks to false certifications. The suspects are a total of ten. The other suspects are two people involved in a false car accident. Together with them, a doctor from the Reggio Calabria hospital and the coroner were probably entered in the register of suspects Vincenzo Prastaro, to which, however, according to the investigating judge, there is no "a circumstantial framework characterized by gravity such as to justify a precautionary measure ”.

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