Rossi reacts to Lorenzo's resignation: "One of my biggest rivals"


( – A real surprise was not the retirement of Jorge Lorenzo for the MotoGP season-ending 2019. Nevertheless, the official confirmation on Thursday struck like a bomb. At the specially convened press conference in Valencia, the space was bursting at the seams. Also driver colleagues gathered almost closed to hear Lorenzo's farewell speech and to honor him.

Valentino Rossi, Jorge Lorenzo

Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo were not just teammates, but rivals zoom

In the usual Thursday PK before the race weekend, they then took the floor themselves. So Valentino Rossi, who shared a box with Lorenzo at Yamaha for many years, said: "I think Jorge is certainly one of the most important MotoGP riders of the modern era, and with him we lose a very important part of our sport."

"He's a great champion and has impressed me many times, with his speed, his concentration, and when he came to MotoGP, he was very strong from the first moment, since 2008, more than ten years … We were very long teammates and have shared a box with us for many years, for me personally he is one of the biggest rivals in my career ", Rossi looks back at his relationship with Lorenzo.

Valentino Rossi: "It is a pity that he stops"

Together, they drove some of their best races: "I remember Barcelona in 2009, when we dueled all weekend, and when you have a fight like this all season long, but especially this weekend to the last corner, it will be for you and your opponent something very special. "

"Even if that does not make you a friend, it was a great fight, so in the end we hugged each other at the Parc ferme, it was a good moment because we had both given everything," says the Yamaha rider of that time. "It is a pity that he stops, but he is healthy and I wish him good luck for the future."

Jorge Lorenzo, Marc Marquez

The saga of the "Dream Team" was not fulfilled for Marc Marquez and Lorenzo zoom

Even with Marc Marquez Lorenzo has fought many a fight before he even switched to Honda and became his teammate. To date, he is the only MotoGP rider who has been able to interrupt Marquez's title series since his promotion to the premier class: in 2015, he managed to win the title – only five points ahead of his former Yamaha team-mate Rossi. It was Lorenzo's last overall victory in the World Cup.

Lorenzo on and off the track "strong character"

After that, Marquez was the measure of things again. He had not expected a resignation: "We did not know anything about that in the team, so it was a surprise considering his way of working in the pits during the last races, regardless of the results, he worked the same as on his first day at Honda. "

"Before his speech, I was still with him and congratulated him, not only on a career, but above all on the nature of his decision," reveals Marquez. "It shows how Jorge is, a true champion, the moment he felt he could no longer fight for the top spots, he decided to quit, which says a lot about him, he has a strong character on and off the field Route."

This strong character got Marquez early. "The first memory I have of Jorge goes back to 2010, when he won the title in MotoGP and I in the 125cc class," he says. "We had dinner and I just ate all that was there, he talked to me: you have to diet as a professional racer, he was very decisive, his speech at the table had it all."

Dovizioso and Lorenzo at a young age opponents

Such anecdotes can also be told by Andrea Dovizioso. His career was almost parallel to that of Lorenzo: "I met him in the European Championship in 2001, then we changed every year at the same time the class. So we have always been great competitors." And so, both of them donated nothing early on.

"I have a lot of memories, a funny one about our first race in the European Championship, we fought for victory until the last corner, overtook him and won, but the best part was how much he cried on the podium and I cried too every time I did not win, and this time it was the other way around, in those moments we cried a lot, "smiles Dovizioso.

For what Lorenzo has achieved, as well as his decision to step down, the Ducati rider shows great respect: "He has won many races and titles so I think he can just be happy with his career Sometimes this sport is so that one is no longer able to maintain the level. "

Alex Rins raves: "For me he is an idol"

"He had some crashes in the last two years, which have influenced him, especially in the head," Dovizioso knows. "But what he has achieved in this championship is something big." Maverick Vinales can only agree with that. He was from the MotoGP season 2017 Lorenzo successor to Yamaha, when this changed to Ducati.

"Winning the title five times is not an easy task", the Spaniard praises Lorenzo's success in the Motorcycle World Championship. "He's a great driver with a great talent, he was in the lead in every category, that speaks for itself, he sensed that it was the right moment for him now and I wish him all the best for the future."

For Suzuki driver Alex Rins leaves with Lorenzo one of his great role models the stage. "When I started watching the races on TV, he was my reference," he reveals in Valencia. He's been an idol for me, he's won many races, he has a lot of talent and I was not allowed to fight with him in many races, but it was great to be able to share the track with him. "

Assen GP 2013 memorable for Morbidelli to this day

<img src = "” alt=”Franco Morbidelli, Alex Rins” title=”Franco Morbidelli, Alex Rins”/>

Even youngsters like Morbidelli and Rins have many memories of Lorenzo zoom

Even Franco Morbidelli did not have much time together with Lorenzo on the track. Still, he has very special memories of the five-time champion: "I remember exactly where I was the first time I took Jorge's note – it was in Rio, where he won the race and then stopped because he ran out of fuel was. "

He left an incredible career with great results – with a style of his own, not only on, but off the track as well, "Morbidelli says of Lorenzo. "He's definitely one of the biggest riders in the history of this series, it's a shame he's stepping down, but if he's happy with that, we should all be that too."

When asked about a memorable moment in Lorenzo's career, Morbidelli recalls, "What really impressed me was Assen in 2013, when he injured himself and came back to race, and I think that's something very outstanding fascinated." At that time, Lorenzo was against the Council of doctors at the start and was fifth with freshly operated clavicle.

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