shoot in via Casilina, 18-year-old gambizzato


An 18 year old boy kneecapped and taken to the hospital. You still shoot in Rome, this time in the province, between Colonna and Fontana Candida. An episode on which the carabiniri of Montecompatri and Frascati investigate to shed light. The events took place around 8 pm, on Wednesday 13 November.

According to when the 18 year old was rebuilt, of Roma origin and resident in Zagarolo, he would have had a heated argument inside a bar in via Casilina with a man. Then the rival would then testify the boy in the parking lot in front of the room, near the number 3338, to then shoot. A pistol shot that hit the 18 year old in the left leg, leaving him bleeding.

The assailant, after firing, then escaped. Alerted, on the spot came the doctors of 118 who brought the young man to the hospital of Palestrina: here he was found the gunshot wound and the fracture of a third of the fibula. It is not life threatening. The soldiers of the Arma, who are waiting to speak with the 18-year-old, investigate.

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