Silvio Berlusconi is the richest of all the leaders: that's what comes up among his possessions


It is not a mystery: Silvio Berlusconi he is the richest political leader of all. With a tax base unchanged compared to last year, the Cav boasts 48 million euros declared to the tax authorities in 2019. Money with which the leader of Forza Italia managed to keep three buildings in Milan. Among these – remember theAdnkronos – the historic residence in Via Rovani, that of Villa Campari, on Lake Maggiore in Lesa (No), two houses in Antigua and one in Lampedusa (the former Due Palme villa, purchased in 2011). Real estate not only for him, because the Fi leader also reserved a villa for his partner Francesca Pascale. This is the Villa Maria estate, in Rogoredo di Casatenovo.

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But Berlusconi's properties go further. In fact, among his possessions check an Audi A6 registered in 2006 and three pleasure boats: the San Maurizio (bought in 1977), the Magnum 70 (from 1990) and the Princess go away (from 1965). The "securities package" remains unchanged with 5,174,000 shares of the Dolcedrago spa, 2,444,144 shares of the Italian holding 1 spa, 2,199,600 of the Italian holding 2 spa. The Knight's portfolio then shows 1,193,400 shares of the Italian holding 3 spa, 1,095,140 shares of the Italian holding 8 spa, 200 shares of the Banca Popolare Sviluppo di Napoli and 896 thousand shares of the Banca Popolare di Sondrio.

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