Student precariousness: blocked Wednesday, Lyon 2 university campus was evacuated


Closed Wednesday after blockades led by students protesting against precariousness, the Porte des Alpes campus of Lyon-2 University, where studied the young man who tried to immolate himself by fire last week, was Wednesday night the scene of an intervention of the police. The police proceeded around 21:30 to the evacuation of the campus on the request of the president of the establishment Nathalie Dompnier, says Le Progres.

"Due to an ongoing blocking on the Porte des Alpes campus, the conditions do not allow to accommodate students and staff. Therefore, the campus PDA will be closed for the day of this Wednesday, "explained earlier in the day the University Lyon 2 in a tweet.

This blocking movement of campus access was conducted early in the morning at the call of several unions after a day of mobilization in tribute to the Lyon student who tried to self-immolation on November 8 leaving a message to the public authorities on precariousness.

"Refusal" to dialogue

Burned to 90%, Anas Kournif was still Tuesday between life and death at the Edouard Herriot Hospital in Lyon, according to union sources who had not received any news Wednesday.

"What justifies this blocking operation is the refusal of the team of the presidency of the university, the rectorate and the government to start a dialogue with the students," said Bastien Pereira Besteiro, teacher in Lyon 2 and activist of South-Education.

"With every request for dialogue, the answer is silence. The minister (Higher Education Frederique Vidal) is content to communicate on small problems and not on the problems of students, it is simply indecent, "he added.

"We must admit that we have not seen coming and not known prevent this act of desperation," wrote in a statement Nathalie Dompnier. The latter also felt that the blockage was "to put students in difficulty in their curriculum" and condemned "threats and acts of vandalism committed in the name of the fight against precariousness".

"We need to think together with student organizations and public authorities about how to better respond to the real challenge of precariousness," she added. According to Nathalie Dompnier, "the more global issue is that universities have the level of funding that allows the recruitment of social workers and health personnel" in a context where it "decreases".


Tuesday evening, the Minister of Higher Education Frederique Vidal condemned "firmly" "the violence and degradation that took place on the sidelines of rallies" held in the day in forty cities.

In Paris, students snatched the entrance gate of his ministry, while rallies also disrupted classes on campuses in Lyon and Lille. At the law school of Lille, a lecture by Francois Hollande had to be canceled.

"The movement will continue as long as there is no satisfactory answer to this political problem that is precariousness, this is the real subject," warned Bastien Pereira Besteiro. A general meeting is scheduled Thursday on the Lyon 2 campus in Bron, a town bordering Lyon, to decide on the next move.

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