The '9 ′ options: Peruvian strikers who stand out in Liga 1 Peruvian Soccer


Not everything is eternal and in the Peruvian team they are clear. So while in the race of Paolo Guerrero Years go by, those who command the ‘bicolor’ begin to think about their replacement future thinking in the medium and long term. With Raul Ruidiaz (29 years old) and Yordy Reyna (26 years old) there is an alternative that already appears on Ricardo Gareca's radar, but the League 1 It also has its candidates.

With the option of Ivan Bulos – he plays in the Hajduk Split – diminished by the injuries that have prevented him from competing as he would have liked, the 'Tiger' knows that he cannot lose the opportunity to give a look to those who have been summoning Nolberto Solano for the preparation with a view to the pre-Olympic of Colombia that will be played in the summer.

Ivan Bulos plays in the Hajduk Split of Croatia.
Ivan Bulos plays in the Hajduk Split of Croatia.

Within that list, interesting names appear, with continuity in their clubs, and which, if possible, can be strengthened like the future los 9 ’with which the quir blanquirroja’ can dream. There is no longer the Claudio Pizarro, Jefferson Farfan who left the ‘Old Continent’ very young to write their story over there, but others who want to overcome themselves season after season.

The names are already known. Anthony Osorio (University), Christopher Olivares (Sporting Cristal), Renato Espinosa (San Martin), Matias Succar (Deportivo Municipal), Sebastian La Torre (Cantolao Academy) and Sebastian Gonzales (Sport Boys) are all under 22, but with a promising future in the sport king of our borders.

University vs. Ayacucho FC: goal by Anthony Osorio (Source: GOLPERU)

To improve the figures

Having a lot of projection, it must be said that the local soccer striker still needs to turn talent into scoring production. All those mentioned play as ‘9’, but lack the decisive capacity that a battering ram needs to be listed as one of the best in the region.

Suffice it to say that the Ecuadorian Joffre Escobar of the San Martin has exceeded everyone's share of goals in just 13 games. The 23-year-old from the United States has already made 10 entries in the Peruvian First Division; while the Peruvian maximum mentioned is Christopher Olivares with eight goals in 1091 minutes (since his debut he has only started nine times).

Joffre Escobar draw 1-1 Sporting Cristal vs. San Martin

Who has found greater continuity with the cream shirt is Anthony Osorio. The center forward who is using Angel Comizzo since the departure of German Denis has had no luck facing the goal, but his qualities have allowed him to win a place with Alejandro Hohberg and Alberto Quintero. Of course, the seven goals in 2720 minutes will have to increase so that his name is not questioned.

With a long way to go, Espinosa (6 goals in 1601 minutes), Succar (6 in 2093 '), La Torre (6 in 2242'), and Gonzales (2 in 1045 ') appear to get into the sights of large teams, where it is surely easier to be scouted by the 'scouts' of Ricardo Gareca. Although the figures have to improve, time can be your best ally, since nobody knows when you can make the big leap.

Sebastian Gonzales, Luis Acuy and Edhu Oliva rotated in the attack. (Photo: Jesus Saucedo)
Sebastian Gonzales, Luis Acuy and Edhu Oliva rotated in the attack. (Photo: Jesus Saucedo)

The help of the clubs

For your statistics to improve, it will not only depend on them, but also on the confidence that your coaches can give you. Sometimes, with the pressure to get the results, technicians prefer to give continuity to older and more experienced strikers, leaving aside future promises that they can strengthen.

That is easy to check. Since they went on the field for the first time, none of the names mentioned exceeds 30 matches in the First Division, a number that approximates a regular season that requires an elite striker to do his job well.

Sporting Cristal vs. Pirata FC: the second of Christopher Olivares. (GOLPERU)

The Tower with 29 and Osorio with 28 are the only ones that approach the figure, but then we see that Olivares has only nine, Espinosa (19), Succar (20) and Gonzales (9). It is not a criticism of the technical directors, just a possible answer to why they still do not stand out as if Bernardo Cuesta or Emanuel Herrera did it in the local tournament.

Over the years it will be confirmed whether or not they are selection players. Now they have minutes, demonstrate what they know on the court and try to convince their teams that they are the best option to reinforce the lead with people from the house. So be it.

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