The bizarre holiday pictures of AfD politician Gunnar Lindemann


A few days ago, a message about threats against the son of AFD MP Gunnar Lindemann caused a stir. About a short message service should have been informed to the 16-year-olds that you want to "cut him off," Lindemann had declared the Tagesspiegel and later put the incident by press release in a political context.

The reason for the threat was "obviously the political commitment" Lindemann, "the violence calls from the old parties" apparently arrived in the schools. Three classmates of the 16-year-old are accused, but they are not in his class.

After the police state police responsible for politically motivated criminal offenses had taken over the investigations and Lindemann's political commitment had been considered as a reason for the threats, the photos available to the Tagesspiegel now throw another spotlight on the case.

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The meanwhile published on the Instagram profile of the boy, but now deleted again pictures show father and son during a trip to Russia and in the still contested Donbas areas around Donetsk and Luhansk in Ukraine.

"5km from the front line": holiday photo from the war zone.Photo: private

There the two visited – according to Lindemann in the context of a journey marked by humanitarian aid – facilities like the Basis the nationalist motorcycle group "NachtwOlfe" and various museums.

The pictures from the autumn show the son of Lindemann among other things with a machine gun, an AK47, as well as numerous relics from the time of the national socialism. Also Lindemann himself can be seen in the pictures, among other things in front of a site of the night wolves in Luhansk.

Prohibited in Germany, seemingly allowed in Donetsk: holiday photo with a machine gun.Photo: private

Lindemann, who confirmed the authenticity of the pictures and uploading them by his son, commented: "We visited several museums there, including the Victory Hall in Moscow. My son is interested in history, why should not he take photos? "When asked about his son's posing with a machine gun, Lindemann said:" He just wanted to see how heavy the weapon is. "

In principle, all students in Germany should visit the museums they visit about the war in Ukraine to understand "how terrible this war is in the middle of Europe". His son had the photo with the words "In Germany banned but well, yes in Donetsk" commented.

Shot of the son of Gunnar Lindemann in the Central Museum of Russian Armed Forces in Moscow.Photo: private

From the environment of the accused, in turn, it is said that the pictures are the reason for the recent escalated dispute at the Biesdorf school. In a demanded by the school management statement of insults by the son of Lindemann is the speech, a complaint was made because of threat. In addition, the 16-year-old should have threatened with the "night wolves", before the emblems of father and son had been photographed in the fall.

Shot of the son of Gunnar Lindemann from the Central Museum of Russian Armed Forces in Moscow.Photo: private

The present in one of these newspapers chat history of Lindemann's allegation that Lindemann himself was involved in the night wolves threat, the MP vehemently disagreed. "I have no knowledge of that, I think that's a fake," said Lindemann. The dispute between the students has been rocking for years, said the AfD politician. He himself already tried to exert influence – unsuccessfully.

Shot of the son of Gunnar Lindemann from the Central Museum of Russian Armed Forces in Moscow.Photo: private

At the school itself The school administration, supported by a crisis team from the school inspectorate and the school psychology service, will now hold one-to-one interviews with all the students involved in the dispute. On the part of the senate education administration it is said that the clarification of the incidents is accompanied closely and intensively. Afterwards, the school's high school committee will decide on action, a spokesperson said.

Gunnar Lindemann, on the other hand, regularly visited the Donbas region and Crimea. Ukraine considers this a criminal offense because Lindemann and other AfD politicians entered Russia and thus past the Ukrainian border controls. The AfD politician sees himself as a champion of a positive German-Russian relationship.

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