The director of the training center wants to train future Kamara and Lopez!


In an interview with Breaking Foot on RMC Sport, Nasser Larguet, director of the OM training center, put young people at the center of the project …

This was one of the points the new management had made when it arrived: rebuild a training center and rely more on young players from the region.

Kamara, Lopez … That's the type of player we need to train in the future – LARGUET

After the outbreak of Boubacar Kamara and Maxime Lopez, Nasser Larguet would like to release players of this profile, able to evolve holder in first team.

"President Eyraud does not give numerical targets. He simply told me that training is at the center of the project. We must recruit very good choice at the youth level. Whether at training or pre-training. Then, make sure that we have players who are not complements at the level of the first team but rather in the image of Kamara, Lopez. This is the type of player that must be trained in the future. But to say that we must pass 2.3 or 4 players at the accounting level, this is not the reasoning "
Nasser Larguet – Source: RMC Sport

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