The most funny animal photo contest of the year 2019 revealed its winners


In order to alert people to the dangers of many animals and to work for the preservation of biodiversity and species, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards are organized every year. By highlighting humorous images of animals taken around the world, the committee hopes to take action "animal conservation" via "the competition".

"Catch the life by the …", winning image of the contest. (© Sarah Skinner)

This year, Sarah Skinner won the first prize in the competition with her image of a Lion Cub playing with the tail of a lion in Botswana. The winner hopes that her image "will be able to encourage all those who will see it to take part in the conservation of species, so that future generations benefit".

Since 2015, the contest has been rewarding comical, funny or funny images of animals in the air, on the ground and in the water. From the South Pole to Japan via Botswana, part of the fauna that people inhabit our planet is represented in the competition. In view of the images, it seems that where animals make us laugh the most is when they imitate humans.

"Squirrel wishes". (© Geert Weggen)

"Family Disagreement", first prize of the category "Creatures in the air". (© Vlado-Pirsa)

"Oh my God!", First prize in the categories "Marine Creatures" and "Public Choice".

"First comes love … then marriage", first prize in the category "Internet Photo Series". (© Elaine Kruer)

"Who wants a peanut, who?" (© Corey Seeman)

"Warning! Marking territory. Follow at your own risk." (© Tilakra Nagaraj)

"Surf … in South Atlantic fashion". (© Elmar Weiss)

"Rolls galette". (© Alastair Marsh)

"Comfortable". (© Tom Mangelsen)

"To be or not to be". (© Txema Garcia Laseca)

"Space Man". (© Roie Galitz)

"Discretos". (© Eric Keller)

"For the sake of dancing". (© Martina Gebert)

"A deer? What a deer?" (© Mike Rowe)

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