The United States indirectly supports the Bolivian dissent: Gerardo Rodriguez


Gerardo Rodriguez, a specialist in security matters, said that the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, "has an agenda supported by Washington" and the headquarters of the Organization is in this country, so the support is indirectly.

The United States indirectly supports the Bolivian dissent, Venezuelan abroad, that have been taken by force to have the possibility to make decisions in their country".

In an interview with Jesus Martin Mendoza for The Herald Radio, the specialist assured that at this time "Latin America is as never polarized", this due to the social and political conflicts that have occurred in various countries such as Chile.

When asked about the arrival of former President Evo Morales to Mexico for political asylum, Rodriguez said the country has the opportunity to "pay" avoiding a civil war in Bolivia.

The Mexican State when assuming the refuge situation of Evo Morales has to assume its security".

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By: Digital Writing El Heraldo Radio


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