Thorsten KinhOfer criticizes players and coaches like Abraham, Guardiola


Former FIFA referee Thorsten KinhOfer has severely criticized the behavior of players and coaches during the Bundesliga games.

"We have an incredible aggression on the court," said the 51-year-old image-Newspaper: "These are now war-like conditions, I always wonder what they've taken to get from zero to 100."

According to KinhOfers one should not be surprised at these "role models", that in amateur football week after week referees are offended, threatened and beaten ".

According to the ex-referee, who criticizes the coaches Friedhelm Funkel, Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp by name, "fair dealing on the pitch, respect for the opponents and referees are only empty words".

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Concerning Eintracht Frankfurt's David Abraham, who crashed hard on Freiburg coach Christian Streich on the weekend, the 51-year-old said: "The players turn everything off at the court, they do not care, including heavy penalties, so I doubt that higher Penalties in professional football have the desired deterrent. " Abraham was suspended for seven weeks for his action – for KinhOfer "the lower penalty".

KinhOfer with sharp criticism of Klopp and Guradiola

The former referee also cited another example from the Bundesliga: "At Schalke against Dusseldorf five minutes of injury time are displayed After two minutes Funkel performs on the line a Veitstanz, wants to force the final whistle He has felt 1000 Bundesliga games as a coach and never before has a game been whistled faster just because he's battling the line. "

But even as Guardiola "played" in the match against Liverpool – "unbelievable! And Klopp, which everyone likes, loses every measure, if something is decided against his team."

One of the last great role models was Jupp Heynckes, who also showed greatness in defeat: "There are no such types today."

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