Vdeo: This is the announcement of the Christmas Lotera 2019


The video of Christmas Lottery announcement It is one of the most anticipated of the year and is already here. Under the motto 'United for a tenth'this year's campaign is composed of four videos.

Four ads with four "everyday and realistic" stories star in the traditional Christmas Lottery campaign under a new motto: "United for a tenth", with which you want to enhance the "deep and real" meaning of share this lottery. "We wanted to step on the ground and that each one would be reflected in those stories because the lottery has to do with what happens to us on the street," said the president of Lotteries and State Betting, Jesus Huerta Almendro, in the presentation this Thursday of Extraordinary Christmas Draw.

Four stories make up the 2019 Christmas Lottery announcement

The first of the videos star Pilar and Felix. Veteran actor Ramon Barea gives life to Felix, a man who comes to Pilar's house, his ex-daughter-in-law, to transfer his intention to share with her the tenths of the Christmas lottery. Explaining that he does not want to lose the family tradition because the woman is no longer his son's wife, the new announcement of the Christmas Lottery Appeal again to the sense of sharing.

The second story of This year's announcement of the Christmas Lottery is starring Ramon and Jose and it is titled 'United for a Tenth.' Ramon and his wife prepare the distribution of tenths of the Christmas Lottery 2019 by naming their family's envelopes. The surprise of this family will be for Jose, his newly incorporated son-in-law.

In the case of third announcement of the Christmas Lottery 2019 The protagonists are Emilio and Gloria. Emilio has just retired and his daughter Gloria has taken over as head of his company. As his father is having a hard time making his new retirement life, Gloria has prepared a surprise with his tenth of the Christmas Lottery of this year.

The fourth installment has a Carmen and Victor as protagonists Carmen is admitted to the hospital on the day of Christmas Lottery draw. That's where the warden Victor enters the scene, who will decide to share with her a tenth of the Christmas Lottery.

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