Warning, Meteo France raises the alert level and places the Var in orange vigilance on Thursday


If Meteo France had announced Wednesday that the Var was placed in yellow vigilance on Thursday, this vigilance climbed a notch Thursday morning.

The department has therefore switched to orange vigilance for three phenomena: rain-flood and thunderstorms from 14h to 22h; wave-submersion from 16h to 23h.

Because the weather will deteriorate sharply throughout the day with heavy rain expected, as well as thunderstorms.

To this will be added a wind present all day and until the evening whose gusts will reach between 75 and 90km / h by place.

Rain-flood and thunderstorms

The rather intense rain-storm disturbance from the west will spread to the Var during the afternoon and evening.

The stormy rains cumulatively, in just a few hours and quite locally, 60 to 100 mm.

On the episode of about 6 to 8 hours, the expected water blade is of the order of 70 to 120 mm.

Along the coast, more virulent thunderstorms may cause, in addition to strong electrical activity and intense rainfall, hail, strong gusts of wind or even swirling phenomena.


The strong waves coming from the South to the South West are amplified by the West during the day, from Provence to the Côte d'Azur and Corsica.

In addition, strong southerly winds will intensify temporarily off Provence and the Côte d'Azur, ahead of a stormy zone moving eastwards in the afternoon and the afternoon. evening, worsening the state of the sea

In connection with these strong winds and these strong waves, a significant elevation of the level of the sea is expected. The combination of these two phenomena is likely to cause flooding on low or vulnerable areas.

The vigilance will become yellow from midnight until Friday, November 15 at 13h.

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