Who is the fastest player in United?



In addition to identifying the fastest United player, Pereira talked about the other virtues of his teammates during our interview …

Who has the best tricks?
“I would say that Anthony Martial has good tricks. He always does tricks in training. He is very skilled. In reality, not much is done in the matches because you can score goals in less time without doing so, so they rehearse more in training, without a doubt. Of course I like to make fancy plays, I'm probably number one [laughs], but I give it to Anthony. ”.

Who handles the ball better?
“To be fair, I love doing it. Fred also loves to keep possession of the ball. But in terms of possession, I am number one [laughs]. Sometimes I take too long to drop the ball in training. But I love keeping possession. When we work possession in training, I get very happy, I say, 'Yes, today is my day' ”.

Who has the best goal celebration?
“I think Rashy. Even when he scored the goal [to Chelsea] I was excited to see him celebrate in front of me. He has the best celebration. Everyone runs to him to join the festivities. It is the best celebration ”.

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