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ATwhen the debate on the deadline is raging, the CAA-Quebec says opting for awareness.

"The date, it means from when the police can start giving offense tickets to those who have not fitted their car with winter tires," says Pierre-Olivier Fortin, communications advisor at the airport. organization defending the rights of motorists.

"Someday it may come to November 15, but right now we do not believe we need to beat the date. What we are saying is that common sense must prevail. "

Remember that this date has been moved from December 15th to December 1st this year. The snowfall on Monday and Tuesday, November 11 and 12, is an example of how to promote the transition from summer to winter tires earlier in the fall, adds he.

According to Mr. Fortin, changing the date would add significant pressure to the mechanical workshops in Quebec. "The garages have to deal with a shortage of labor," he told La Tribune.

"Moving the date, we would focus tire changes in a shorter period. Everyone would want to do it at the same time. "

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